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BlackRapid RS-5, RS DR-1 Double Strap & New Website!

A lot of exciting stuff is happening at BlackRapid and we just can't wait to share them with you! From new product arrivals to a new website look to the launch of a new online community for R-Strap photographers, the makers of the world's fastest camera straps mean it when they say that they are here to turn the camera world upside down.

For those of you who have fallen in love with the innovative way BlackRapid R-Straps work (if you haven't already, it's about time!), good news comes in the form of their latest strap, the RS-5. The RS-5 is a unique, layered design that utilizes extremely powerful magnets to create a storage system suitable for carrying smart phones, large batteries, all your memory cards and other accessories.

Another R-Strap that has made its way to our shores to give you double the action is the RS DR-1 Double Strap. For a day of shooting with two cameras, there is no better way to carry them than with the DR-1 that holds each camera snugly on each shoulder so you shoot the day away with ease and peace of mind.

If you already own two R-Straps and have been wondering how to couple them so that it transforms into a two-camera carrying system, the simplest but also the smartest solution thought up by BlackRapid is the CoupleR. By snapping on one or more CoupleRs to the back portion of two R-Straps, you can now wear them like a backpack with your cameras hanging securely at your sides.

The RS-5 RS DR-1 Double Strap


Using the CoupleR to join two R-Straps into a two-camera carrying system  


Read more about these new arrivals here. Or you can visit BlackRapid's official website where a new look awaits you.

Another project that's been keeping BlackRapid busy is the launch of another website R-Photographers which connects a fast-growing community of photographers, professionals and amateurs alike, where you can share your work and receive comments, network with other professionals, find jobs, brides and gigs, and even a photography assistant! A classified section provides a platform for you to buy/sell gears and a number of open forums lets you discuss just about anything. Membership is free and best of all, it's a great place to learn, share and grow as a photographer.

Join the R-Strap Revolution today!


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