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Journey with Alex Soh... Day 15: Guilin

Posted on Nov 14, 2009 in Journey with Alex Soh

After spending four days immersed in the beauty of Zhangjiajie, I hopped on the overnight coach to the "forest of sweet Osmanthus" - Guilin (??) - last night and arrived this morning at 8am, just in time to take a whiff of the fresh morning air. Made a friend on the coach and since he is planning to spend a day or two in Guilin, we decided to explore the sights together. Two's always a company, right?

Guilin has long been renowned for its dramatically shaped Karst mountains; its unique landscapes have graced many a postcard and painting. And so one of the first things we did was to take a boat ride along the river, expecting a breathtaking experience that we can both look back fondly on. But it wasn't so. In fact, it was kind of disappointing. Not only was the boat ride short, there really wasn't much to see. Guilin today is no longer that pretty a sight; instead, it all seems very commercialized, at least in my opinion. Sadly, the once-captivating scenery is now marred by the presence of surrounding buildings.


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