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Journey with Alex Soh... Day 16: Yangshuo

Posted on Nov 15, 2009 in Journey with Alex Soh

The trip to Guilin would not be complete without a visit to Yangshuo (??), a county that has one of China's most famous scenic spots, the Li River or Li Jiang (??), on one side. So that's exactly what I did. A bus ride from Guilin later, I boarded a cruise boat that would take me down the Li River - an activity that has often been recommended as the top priority for visitors.

It was a nice ride; the view was beautiful although I wished commercialism wasn't so prominent here. There were just too many big boats around for the water to give off as magnificent a reflection as it is reputed for and it was then that I realised that most of the beautiful shots that we usually see on the Internet were set-up by photographers. Not that there is anything wrong with that; it's just that personally, I prefer to capture the essence and realness of places and lives.

Yangshuo is a relatively popular place among foreign backpackers, so it was no surprise that down in Yangshuo town, there are many businesses specially catered to tourists. And it is here that I chanced upon yet another amazing deal! While walking down West Street (??), I passed a rock-climbing guiding company called ChinaClimb (rock-climbing in Yangshuo has become a very popular activity because of the sheer number of available climbing locations) and saw its big advertisement outside:

I walked in to enquire more and just like the ad said, ChinaClimb was recruiting foreigners to go on a free five-day trip to places like Longsheng, Li River, Guangzhou and it starts tomorrow... the timing couldn't be more perfect! The trip, sponsored by the Chinese government, will commence with an opening ceremony in Guilin and I actually get to be their VIP for this trip :) I'm really not sure what to expect in the five days ahead but I'm sure up for the challenge! Wish me luck!


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