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Journey with Alex Soh... Day 17 & 18: Guilin Walking Convention (Part I)

Posted on Nov 15, 2009 in Journey with Alex Soh

Day 17: Signed up for The 5th IVV Walking Guilin Zhaoqing Convention yesterday evening and although the itinerary stated that the trip would begin today (10 Nov), all that was on our schedule was a night briefing, so I took the free time to return to Guilin for more sightseeing. In the evening, I took a bus back to Yangshuo for the briefing and was told to meet up with the rest of my team-mates tomorrow morning at 6.45am. From the looks of the schedule on-hand, it's going to be a really exciting experience!


Day 18: Gathered with the rest of my team-mates at the meeting place and together, we made our way to the opening ceremony of the convention which took place at the Guilin City Centre Square. Organized by China Volkssport Association (CVA), the main purpose of this convention is to promote tourism in Guilin and Zhaoqing (??), and as its name suggests, a lot of walking will be involved in the course of the next five days. Apart from the many interesting sights that I'm sure I'll get to see, and the fact that I am named one of their VIPs, it was also fun meeting the ambassadors from many other countries. I'm starting to think this is really cool :)

After the opening ceremony, which was a pretty grand affair, we boarded a bus and began a two-hour journey to Longsheng. To add to the "wow" factor was the presence of two police escort cars paving the way for our bus... now this really feels like VIP treatment!

We arrived in Longsheng and was greeted by the rain. We were supposed to spend the night at a hotel in Longji, a village located at the top of the mountain, and to get there, we had to embark on a two-hour hike. From what we were told, the landscape here is very beautiful but due to the cloudy weather today, we weren't able to get the grand view of Longsheng so as much as I would have liked sharing these with you, I'm sorry for not being able to bring you the best sceneries that Longji has to offer. The weather in Longsheng is really unpredictable during this season, and since I'm tagging along on an all-expenses-paid trip, I have to go with the flow, as disappointing as that is.

I did manage to capture a few shots on the way up though:


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