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Journey with Alex Soh... Day 20: Between Cities

Posted on Nov 20, 2009 in Journey with Alex Soh

Spent the morning at my own leisure in Yangshuo, one of the places that I’ve seen quite a lot of during this trip as you would know if you have been on this journey with me through my blog posts.The group was due to gather at 11.30am for a big meal before we make our way to our next stop: Zhaoqing. A province in Guangdong, Zhaoqing is about 8 hours’ drive from Yangshuo, so most of my day was spent on the bus, which can be boring except that the scenery outside was so enchanting that it kept me in awe the whole time.

We arrived in Zhaoqing to a very pleasant surprise: our accommodation for this stop is a very classy 7-star hotel called OYC Hotel (actually, I personally think the rating was given by the Chinese themselves, as it seemed to me that a rating of 4- or 5-star is more apt, which still is high by any standard). That said, the hotel itself is really big and beautiful with tons of facilities for its guests. What upped the VIP treatment was having English-speaking translators greet us as we got off the bus to lead us to our dinner of international cuisine. And what an experience dinner was! Inside the restaurant was a huge tank with girls dressed up as mermaids swimming around… cool, huh?

The hotel room was a luxury beyond my expectations for this trip, wrapping up the day nicely after the long ride. Picture this: the bathroom alone was about the size of a regular bedroom and has TWO built-in TV sets behind the mirrors, one in front of the toilet seat and the other just next to the bathtub. I was totally impressed and pampered! The whole day was spent travelling and didn’t seem very eventful to me but in the face of such comfort, it all seemed worth it after all :) so off I go to enjoy the rest of the evening... good night for now, guys!

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