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Journey with Alex Soh... Day 25: Mt. Huangshan (Part II)

Posted on Nov 21, 2009 in Journey with Alex Soh

Took a morning walk around before continuing my hike of the mountain. The place is so beautiful: everywhere is pure white and the trees are all frozen in ice.

My next stop is Baiyun (White Cloud, ??) Hotel, booked through the youth hostel that I stayed at last night. I had requested for a cheap backpacker bed but again, this being the winter season, there aren't alot of people who would come up here, so the whole room was mine :) Oh, did I tell you it's a freezing -10°C here?

If I have to describe my experience in Huangshan with just one word, it would be "breathtaking" because not only is the scenery breathtakingly beautiful, every step that I take is literally taking my breath away. Ha!


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