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Journey with Alex Soh... Day Eight: Between Cities

Posted on Nov 09, 2009 in Journey with Alex Soh

The second part of my day consists of a journey by bus from Chengdu to Chongqing - a pretty simple plan if you ask me, so I was expecting a smooth ride filled with many photo opportunities. I was half-right. The scenery that greeted me as I look out of the bus window was so green, so simplistic in its beauty that the city life back home seemed like another lifetime away. Amidst the lush greenery were many farms and houses - such laidback life! How I wish I could just get off the bus to photograph the families who live there...

At the bus station in Chengdu before I began my journey, a lady came forward to me and offered to sell me her ticket at a cheaper price. I thought, why not! So I bought he ticket, saved a neat 50 RMB and off I went. While getting all mesmerized by the view from my window, trying to look for a good shot, the bus suddenly came to a stop. The bus assistant then said something that I totally could not comprehend and soon, some of the passengers began to alight with their luggages in hand and boarded another bus. Oblivious to what's happening, I remained in my seat until I heard it from the guy sitting next to me at the very last minute.

Turned out that I had to change to the other bus if I wanted to get to Chongqing... wow, what a close shave! If I didn't get the message in time and got off the first bus, who knows where I'll be writing this from right now! I've heard stories about bad bus experiences in China, and in particular, how common it is for bus operators to change their routes halfway through the journey, making their passengers change buses to get to their destination but well, I never expected that to happen to me!


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