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Excerpt from Alex Soh Photography: Film (Firm) Foundation - Gets the Color Right

Knowing the basic color fundamentals helps one to build a really solid foundation in bringing out the finest colors in your images in this digital age, so says Alex Soh in his latest blog entry, and he attributes his foundation to the days when he shot with 35mm slide films.

Alex Soh, as some of you may know, is a landscape and travel photographer whose breathtaking shots of Mother Nature's beauty in all her glory can be found on the covers of Our Daily Bread, an international publication, as well as on the walls of many a fine-art collector. Alex is also currently a contributing photographer and writer for Asian Geographic Magazines.

Below are excerpts taken from Alex's blog entry:

If you understand the source of light, the colors of film, the depth and tone, than (sic) using the computer to correct the image color is a walk in the park process. The problem comes when we do not know the basic color fundamentals, such as source of light and colors from Mother Nature.

Photography is quintessentially about your eye that captures beauty and not the effect that create (sic) beauty, because effect is generated by computer but pictures are capture through your eye and is imbued with each photographer’s uniqueness and personality.


Read the rest of Alex's post here and take a look at some of the before- and after-color correction images that he has shared.

One of the essential tools to have to ensure you get accurate colors on your monitor screen is the Datacolor Spyder3Elite and if you would like to learn more about color management, leave a message on Alex's blog.

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