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New from Sekonic: DigiCineMate L-308DC

In a recent interview, Mr. Hiroshi Arai, President of Sekonic Corporation had this to say about digital imaging's changing landscape:

"The versatility of today's cameras is expanding at an amazing rate. Digital SLR cameras are being used to record moving images and digital video cameras used to capture still frames for printing. Sekonic is a recognized leader in light control for the motion picture industry. We have applied this experience to create the perfect entry-level light meter for this new and growing group of electronic cinematographers."


Introducing the simple, easy-to-use light meter: DigiCineMate L-308DC


Three Ways to Meter

Display only the specific functions you need for fast, easy operation

  • HD Cine Mode: Perfect for today's DSLR videographerss. Make exposure readings and control light using shutter speeds and frame rates and get aperture settings with one-tenth stop accuracy.
  • Cine Mode: Designed for digital cinematography. Select from the most useful frame rates and shutter angles for exposure control with one-tenth stop accuracy. Lux and foot-candle readout enables quick set-up of lights.
  • Photo Mode: Full control for traditional still-image photographers. Shutter-priority display of a full range of ambient and flash functions including Cord and Cordless flash measurement as well as ambient EV measurement.


Three Ways to Measure Light

  • The Lumisphere provides incident light readings for nearly foolproof exposure readings and enables lighting the scene before the talent arrives.
  • The Lumidisc is perfect for lighting green screens, adjusting ratios and taking lux and foot-candle measurements.
  • Reflected light readings enable measuring the brightness of subject tones, gray cards, light sources or window light.


Calibration Compensation

  • Adjust the L-308DC to film or digital camera sensors or matching the L-308DC to other handheld meters.


Custom Setting

  • Three custom settings tune meter operations and displays to fit your camera and metering requirements.


Illuminance Measurement

  • Lux (lx) and foot-candle (fc) display is especially useful for cinematography, theatrical and other applications that require precise control of light source brightness. Use custom settings to select lux, foot-candle or no display.


For specifications, please click here to download the brochure.


Whether you are a DSLR videographer, cinematographer, still photographer or involved in any facet of image capture, the Sekonic L-308DC is the perfect meter for you.

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