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Just Arrived: Kenko Variable NDX Filter

Posted on Sep 12, 2011 in Announcements, News: Camera Accessories, Kenko

It's been quite a while since Kenko announced the launch of its latest product, a variable neutral density filter that has a brightness range of ND 2.5 to ND 1000 and a few months ago, we were delighted to get our hands on the samples for a preview showcase at BroadcastAsia 2011.

Since then, everyone has been eagerly anticipating its availability in the market and now, we're happy to say that it's finally here! Kenko has always been well-known for its quality filters so you can expect nothing less from this latest offering - the Variable NDX filter, which comes in two filter thread sizes: 77mm and 82mm.

Here are eight more reasons to make the Variable NDX filter part of your essential kit:

1. Easy to Operate
A simple turn of the outer filter ring will quickly and easily adjust the density level.

2. Easy Framing / Focus
This innovative coating will not interfere with any color or light transmission. Reflections are eliminated by allowing light to enter the filter at virtually any angle.

3. Polarizing Effect Cancellation
The Variable NDX filter changes the brightness of light using a polarized filter. This new filter uses a "polarizing effect cancellation" where a polarized filter is used, but purely for controlling the amount of light with no effect on color balance, glare or reflections.

4. Avoid Vignetting
The singular versatility of the Variable NDX filter not only replaces a whole set of stacking neutral density filters, it also removes vignetting which may be caused by using multiple filters.

5. For Longer Exposures
Without changing the aperture, the NDX filter allows the freedom to change the shutter speed according to the effect desired. For example, without adjusting the aperture, the same 1/60 scene can be taken using the Variable NDX filter with shutter speeds from 1/20 to 16 seconds, with just a turn of the outer filter ring. The problem of diffraction is eliminated by being able to work with a slow shutter speed.

6. For Wider Apertures
With the Variable NDX filter, the shutter speed remains constant for a wide aperture, easily creating a blurred background effect.

7. Ultimate Filter for Landscape Photography
The flexibility of using different shutter speeds is the perfect tool for creating new worlds in landscape photography.

8. Flex Light Control for DSLR HD Video
For HD video-enabled cameras, use the Variable NDX filter to easily adjust light control and for manual fade-in / fade-out effects.


For more information, please download the product brochure here.

The Variable NDX filter is now available for sale in our stores and you know you're always more than welcome to drop by and take a look, so see you soon!


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