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Just Arrived: Datacolor Spyder4 Monitor Calibration Devices

Posted on Feb 07, 2012 in Announcements, News: Color Management, Datacolor

Offering Simplicity and Accuracy in Color Calibration for all Display Devices

In January 2012, Datacolor introduced the fourth generation of its award-winning, highly advanced colorimeters - the Spyder4 family. Designed to provide photographers and creative professionals with accurate and consistent results, Spyder4 makes quick work of the color correction process.

Spyder4 is designed for the way photographers work, combining an easy-to-use interface with advanced levels of brightness and color control. The full-spectrum color capture technology uses a seven-channel sensor, which registers color in the same way as the human eye, ensuring the colors on the screen are true-to-life.

Since no two devices display the exact same color, precise calibration is imperative in order to ensure consistent, true color representation. In addition, even calibrated monitors, TVs and tablets will gradually decrease in accuracy, requiring color calibration every one to two months in order to display sharp, accurate colors, shadows and highlights.


"Spyder4 provides an easy-to-use calibration solution for all display devices, which greatly improves workflow efficiency for busy professionals and photo enthusiasts," said Dave Faulkner, Product Manager, Imaging Color Solutions at Datacolor. "Our team is dedicated to developing color management tools that are extremely intuitive while still delivering the highest levels of accuracy that professional photographers demand. The industry is competitive, and anything that gives photographers an advantage, especially with the technical details of color management, is a huge asset. Photographers need to be able to quickly edit and process shots to deliver to clients on deadline, and the Spyder4 will calibrate all their monitors in just minutes."


There are three Spyder4 models available, enabling users to choose one that best matches their color management needs. The Spyder4 calibrates a variety of wide-gamut and normal-gamut displays, and all models feature a simple installation wizard, and deliver an average of 26% more accuracy and improved low luminance performance over the previous Spyder3 technology.


Which Spyder4 is right for you?


 is a cost-effective colorimeter that quickly calibrates a single display computer or laptop right out of the box. iPad and iPhone calibration is also available with Datacolor's free SpyderGallery app.


 is ideal for those who want more control over light and color management, offering ambient light measurement and the ability to calibrate multiple displays, as well as iOS devices.


 offers the highest level of customization. In addition to the previously noted displays, it can also be used to calibrate projectors. Developed for professional photographers, videographers and others who must match colors precisely, the Spyder4Elite provides the tools to manage multiple displays and calibrate them using a full set of gamma and non-gamma tone response curves to create custom workflow settings. The user can even define a custom calibration. The Spyder4Elite includes the L-Star workflow and supports the video standards Cineon, NTSC, PAL and HDTV.


For more information on the differences between Spyder4Express, Spyder4Pro and Spyder4Elite, please refer to the comparison chart.


Click here to read more about Spyder4 and the rest of the Spyder family.


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