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Manfrotto Makes Smartphones Even Smarter: Video and Pictures on your iPhone 5 at the Clap of your Hands!

Introducing the new KLYP case for iPhone 5 and KlypApp - the first app that enables you to take quality hands-free pictures with your iPhone

The worldwide leader of photo and video supports continues to strengthen its offerings in iPhone accessories by launching the new KLYP case for iPhone 5 together with a truly innovative app - KlypApp - which maximizes the benefits of your iPhone accessories.

The overall concept has been designed with iPhone users in mind: from those who like to capture special moments by shooting videos and pictures to share with friends, to the hobbyist and professional photographer looking for better iPhone image quality.

Manfrotto's KLYP case offers a stylish functional method for attaching any camera support and additional light to the iPhone, with its two 1/4" thread and a cold-shoe "clip-on" connectors.

The KlypApp completes the overall product concept by facilitating iPhone users in shooting their videos and pictures by simply clapping their hands. The self-release shutter function allows the photographer to easily be part of the pictures.

Mounting the optional Manfrotto continuous LED light, such as the ML 240 (pictured left), on top of the KLYP case guarantees brighter images in low-light situations, vivid color, natural skin tones, while avoiding the typical "red-eye" effect.

By pairing the KLYP case to the Manfrotto Pixi mini tripod (pictured left), users have a steady support, further improving the sharpness and detail of their images for achieving crisp, clear pictures and shake-free videos.

The new Manfrotto KLYP case for iPhone 5 has an appealing design: it is made of rigid polycarbonate to prevent scratches and damage, featuring a soft-touch coating with a silky smooth appearance and feel.

The new KLYP case with its accessories and KlypApp is the perfect solution for iPhone users who want to spontaneously capture special moments and a great companion for iPhonographers who want to enhance their work with mobiles.

Manfrotto... makes smartphones even smarter.

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