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Killer GoPro Angles Made Easy with Joby Action Series!

Posted on Nov 23, 2013 in News: Camera Supports, Joby

Joby's New Action Video Tripod and Mounting Clamps Gives GoPro Users Their Own Video Crew

SAN FRANCISCO, 18 November 2013 - Action video camera users can now shoot unique, third-person video at any angle in any type of setting with the new Action Series from Joby. The Gorillapod Action Tripo with Mount for GoPro, with its award-winning flexible GorillaPod legs, lets users position their GoPro camera on uneven terrain and wrap it around objects. The Action Clamp & Locking Arm and Action Clamp & GorillaPod Arm let users easily and securely clamp their GoPro to edges and poles at any angle.

"We see mostly first-person viewpoints in action videos, but we think that gets boring fast. If you want to show off your stylish kickflip or show yourself flowing down a mountain bike trail, you need an off-body place to mount your camera. You need something that lets you film yourself at any angle in any environment or even multiple cameras shooting from different angles. When you can do that, you get to be the director, the camera crew, and the star", said Michael Jue, director of product design at Joby.


To give users their own video crew, Joby brings three unique products to the market:

Joby GorillaPod Action Tripod - Available Now

The Joby GorillaPod Action Tripod builds on Joby's award-winning GorillaPod line. Its longer, flexible legs let you action video camera tackle any type of terrain or wrap itself around objects like a tree branch or a fence. An integrated bubble-level gives you pinpoint control on the camera angle you need.

Action Clamp & Locking Arm Available Now

The Action Clamp & Locking Arm brings an innovative clamp that lets users quickly clamp their GoPro camera to any surface less than two inches (approx. 5cm) in width. Now, a stop sign, table ledge, handrails, or doors can be used as filming platforms. The locking arm has two fully articulating ball joints that position the camera at any angle needed while providing a long-lasting, vibration-resistant hold.

Action Clamp & GorillaPod Arm - Available Now

Featuring the same Action Clamp, this kit is equipped with a flexible GorillaPod Arm instead of the Locking Arm, making it perfect for fast, on-the-fly adjustments with its five balls and sockets.


All of the Action Series products come with a removable Tripod Mount for GoPro that can be used on any tripod with a 1/4"-20 screw. Removing the GoPro mount makes each of the Action Series products compatible with other action video cameras that use a 1/4"-20 tripod mount, such as the Sony Action Cam or Contour cameras.

"We design adaptable gear for people who want to shoot wherever they are, or at whatever crazy angle they want to capture. With just a few of our products, you can shoot great scenes that look like you have three assistants setting up your shots," said Noah Balmer, Joby designer.


Watch ways you can use the Joby Action Series in the video below:



For more information on the Joby Action Series click here


The Joby Action Clamp, Locking Arm Joby & GorillaPod Arm is now available in our stores!


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