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Meet The New Lensbaby LM-10 Sweet Spot Lens for Mobile

Posted on Sep 03, 2014 in Announcements, Lensbaby




With the booming popularity of photo sharing and photo filter apps, mobile phone shooters are always looking for a new way to help their creativity shine. This lens is perfect for anyone who enjoys creating photos on their phone, sharing it on social media and are excited about new gadgets and apps. 

This is a fun and easy way to make photos pop! Simply select your spot of focus with a tap of your finger. Now you can add a unique twist to portraits or cityscapes, bring drama and mood to your photo, or just play with depth of field, light and color in an abstract way. 


Shown above: Photo By Keri Friedman Shown above: Photo By Caitlyn Crislip


Shown above: Photo By Keri Friedman


Take the lens anywhere, simply adhere one of the provided adhesive backed stainless steel rings around the phone's lens. Since the lens has magnets on each end, it can be attached and removed from the phone with ease. The bonus of having a magnet on both sides of the lens, is that shooters will be able to use other magnetic mobile phone accessory lenses (wide angle, macro, telephoto, polarizing filters, etc.) on their LM-10 to alter their focal length and apply additional effects.






Lens in use with Lensbaby Mobile app
Package contents


In addition, Lensbaby has developed a free iPhone and Android app for use with the lens to ensure the best possible shooting experience. Due to the optical design of the lens, the image will be upside down when shot with other camera apps. The app automatically flips the image right-side up, and lets the photographer move the sweet spot of focus around the image to match focus with the perfect composition.

The app also includes other features such as spot metering, exposure lock, rule of thirds grid, white balance lock, toggle to switch between still & video mode, filters and a sharpening slider (available only on 5, 5c, 5s).


Download the specially designed app



Watch the video


For more product information on the, please click here.


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