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Welcome to the Next Generation Recoil by Zacuto

Posted on Dec 16, 2014 in News: HD Video & Accessories, Zacuto USA


Zacuto Next Generation Recoil - The Universal Solution for All Cameras

If there is one word to describe these new shoulder rigs, it would be "BALANCE". You cannot shoot with a rig that is not balanced; you'll be fighting fatigue on long shoots, so whether you're shooting TV, film, documentary, wedding or news, a balanced shoulder-mounted rig will keep your shots steady, and allow you to shoot the whole day.

The core of the Next Generation Recoil Rigs is the VCT Universal Baseplate - Zacuto's reinvented VCT-style baseplate is universal for all cameras, from a tiny mirrorless to a camera that's the size of an ALEXA and everything in-between. This is the last baseplate you'll ever need.

Next Generation Recoil rigs are designed for optimal balance and comfort when shoulder-mounted or on a tripod. With lenses and cameras being similar weights, the balance point is approximately where the lens meets the camera body.

Let Steve Weiss and Jens Bogehegn tell you more about them in the video below:


There are infinite possibilities with the Next Generation Recoil Rigs, most of which will be hitting our stores in time to come, but available right now is the C100 Z-Finder Recoil (pictured right)


Available Now

The C100 Z-Finder Recoil is the only Next Generation Recoil rig designed for use primarily on a tripod, dolly or slider, and it includes only two items: the VCT Universal Baseplate and a C100 Z-Finder Pro.

For more information on this product, please click here.



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