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The Benchmark for all Ball Heads

Forty-years in the forefront of tripod head design and ARCA-SWISS is still not resting on its laurels. Since the launch of the legendary Monoball® in 1964, ARCA-SWISS continues to challenge the performance of its ballheads. The invention of the aspherical ball, axial clamping and PMF (Progressive Motion-Related Friction Control) have further put ARCA-SWISS on the pedestal and made the Z-series Monoball the best ballhead in the market.


Monoball Z* Ballhead

Stablility of the camera on the tripod is the essence of taking sharp shots. But some ballheads will cause heavier cameras to flop.  The asperical ball – unique to the Z-Series Monoball – is invented to counteract this problem. That’s why it is the mounting device that can provide a rock-firm hold on the tripod regardless of camera type. Even though the Z-Series is lighter and smaller than its preceding B-Series, it can withistand an incredible load of 60kg. For those who have experienced ballhead ‘locked up’, the new Z-Series improved friction control will smoothen the transition between locking and unlocking.

With these much awaited solutions and more finally here, the ball is now in your court. And you don’t even have to crack your head too long.

*The Monoball Z1 is available at our stores in Version SP (Single Pan) and Version DP (Double Pan), and also with the Flip Lock Quick Release.



Monoball p Tripod Head - The Knobless Solution 

Monoball p0 (801211)

The ARCA-SWISS p tripod heads - a system patented worldwide - are related to the planets and is proof that ARCA-SWISS is still the leading creator of tripod heads even after 40 years.

The first noticeable feature of the p tripod heads is the conspicuous absence of the locking knob. Wherever you (the photographer) stand, you can now just intuitively reach for the tripod head and secure the camera by simply turning the knurled part. There's no more fumbling for the locking knob!

The tripod head is equipped with three locking elements, arranged around the ball like planets. These locking elements, also dubbed planets, are small gears surrounding the ball and synchronized to apply a uniform force around the ball ensuring a smooth movement of the camera in any axis.

As the camera is placed directly on the ball and not on its neck, the movements are as stable as if they were on a swim ring. The unique patented aspherical ball also creates a gravitational friction force thus preventing sudden camera deviation. The panning system is unconventionally located just below the camera mount, providing a panoramic rotation that remains in line with the vertical.

The version p0 ball head offers a tilt ball range of 90° and 360° panning. And despite its super light weight of only 280g and compact format, its locking power remains unbeatable!

Dimensions of the p0: Height = 74mm, Ø = 60mm

The p0 is available in two models:

801211 - Monoball p0 with panning system and 1/4" thread, as well as a 3/8" adaptor, which will enable you to attach any make of camera.

801213 - Monoball p0 with panning system and featuring the new patented SlideFix system designed by ARCA-SWISS. The SlideFix system offers a large selection of rapid-mounting adaptor plates so that you can attach your camera to the tripod head in an instant.

» Download the SlideFix Camera Plates Brochure


Monoball p0 SlideFix (801213)

Monoball d4 & d4m Panoramic Head  

Above: d4m MonoballFix

Winner of "IF Product Design Award 2014"

At a record-breaking weight of only 800g, the ARCA-SWISS d4 & d4m gear heads are the world's smallest, most functional and lightest 3D heads that are especially suitable for efficient and precise work in digital photography studio, as well as outdoor architectural photography. No more uneven swiveling out of the camera. No more oversized dimensions, heavy loads and other all too well-known drawbacks to get in your way.

The innovative design of the ARCA-SWISS d4 & d4m heads unites the pivot points of the X and Y movements at the same point. The result of this new concept: identical and the smallest possible rotational radii. That ensures small camera movements and, as a consequence, almost no deviations in scale, which, until now, led to reduced depth of field in digital photography and all too often made tedious corrections necessary.

The self-locking, micro-metric movements in X and Y result from separate gear mechanisms, manufactured with a high-strength special alloy. Every tilt movement has its own fine tuning knob and a lockable free wheel button. That means the tilts can optionally be carried out in freewheeling-modus. The possibility of free movement in both axes using the freewheeling modus ensures free movements similar to those of a spherical head.

The ARCA-SWISS d4 & d4m have, like the cube C1 from ARCA-SWISS, a turning device on its base to align the camera as well as a panning device under the camera mount for panorama pans which maintains the swivel axis. Underneath the panorama feature are 2 bubble levels at a 90° angle to align the camera.

In addition to the tilts in X and Y and the panorama rotation, the ARCA-SWISS camera mount enables the camera back and forth movement in the exposure axis, the 4th dimension, so to speak, as the model number d4 symbolizes.  


Characteristics of possible moves:

  • Panoramic at the base
  • Panoramic at the top
  • Forward inclination (tilt): 105°
  • Backward inclination: 95°
  • Tilt to the left: 35°
  • Tilt to the right: 35°


The d4m has no gears, and all its adjustments are made manually in all directions. Its other features remain the same as the d4.



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