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It depends entirely on your needs and budget.

Many of the digital compact cameras come at attractive price tags theses days and have travel/family-friendly functions that are sufficient for most people.

DSLR cameras tend to have higher quality sensors than thus they produce better pictures with better image quality than the former. They also allow for more control with their manual settings and changeable lenses. Still, such control comes at a higher price tag as such cameras usually go from S$900 upwards.

Black & white photographs can be shot with black & white film if you are using a film camera, or if you are using a digital camera, black & white pictures can be achieved by converting the normal color into black & white digitally using programs like Adobe Photoshop.

Black & white film is available at most photography retail outlets and professional processing labs, and can be processed at these labs or manually in the darkroom.

Some tips that you can try:

1. Move in closer to your subject.
Rely on your feet instead of your lenses to get up-close to what you are shooting. Getting in close eliminates unwanted background distractions, and in the case of portraits, the interaction makes for a more engaging photograph.

2. Be aware of your light.
Light is what you depend on for your beautiful pictures, so be aware of the light you have around you when you are shooting. Different types of light can create different interesting effects.

As with many other skills, one of the best ways of improving your photography skills is to practice. Practice does make perfect after many shots and learning from your mistakes. Practice also allows you to familiarize yourself with your camera, so you can spend more time thinking about your shot instead of thinking about the steps needed to get it.

If you are interested in taking your photography one step beyond a casual snapshot, looking at more images and works by others helps. Looking at more photographs helps you develop a sense of what makes a good picture.

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