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While providing the best photo equipment since 1959, Cathay Photo is also a LEICA premium reseller for over 45 years. Here, you can find the complete line up of most recent LEICA cameras, lenses, sports optics and accessories for every need. Our knowledgeable staff is always ready to show you the latest LEICA camera and let you try them whether you are a photography enthusiast or an experienced photographer.

Would you need to service your equipment, our reliable service department is glad to lend a hand at evaluating the problem and ensure the liaison with the LEICA service center to have your gear fixed in the shortest delays possible.

The LEICA area in our Peninsula Plaza store (#01-11 to 14) also carries the latest copy of LFI magazine, and other collaterals about LEICA.




A class of its own

The Leica S-System was conceived from the ground up as a purely digital camera system and was built with the precise needs of professional photographers in mind.

The medium-format camera offers impressively easy handling, extreme robustness, excellent imaging quality and components that are perfectly matched.

Discover the Leica S, the world’s fastest medium format digital camera. The high-precision system fulfils all demands and expectations of professional photographers – highest image quality, reliability and compact size.



  • Medium Format DSLR
  • 37.5 MP@3.5 FPS
  • Dual Shutter System
  • CINE4K Video
  • Professional


» Download Technical Datasheet for Leica S
» Download Catalogue for Leica S




A vision of the future

The Leica SL-System marks the beginning of a new era of professional photography. As the first mirrorless system camera of its kind, it offers an impressive range of innovative features and sets entirely new standards with regard to versatility and handling – and rugged resilience.

The mirrorless Leica SL is the best connection between you and your subject. The innovative EyeRes® viewfinder shows a preview of the finished picture – even before you press the shutter release. The SL simultaneously sets completely new standards in terms of versatility, handling and imaging quality. It also offers maximum compatibility with the lenses of other Leica systems. Discover the future of photography – made in Germany.



  • Full Frame
  • 24 Mp@11 Fps
  • Cine4k Video
  • Rugged
  • Revolutionary Eyeres® Viewfinder
  • Professional


» Download Technical Datasheet for Leica SL
» Download Brochure for Leica SL




Closer to the decisive moment

A camera from the Leica M-System lets you experience a different kind of photography. This fast and discreet rangefinder camera is extremely quiet and very compact, allowing you to get as close as possible to the action. The Leica M features intuitive controls, is simple to use and has no superfluous functions or overcomplicated menus. The characteristic features of the M-System give photographers the opportunity to concentrate on what’s essential – their pictures.

The Leica M-System lets you experience photography in its purest form. Lovers of the art of photography have perfected their skills with its unique combined rangefinder and viewfinder technology for more than 60 years. Fast, discreet and compact – closer to the decisive moment.



  • Full Frame
  • Timeless
  • Outstanding M-Lenses
  • Fast Discreet
  • Compact Rangefinder


» Download Technical Datasheet for Leica M
» Download Catalogue for Leica M




Full-frame sensor, fixed focal length, unlimited creativity

The Leica Q is our first compact camera with a full frame sensor and a fixed prime lens. In every situation, it offers everything you need to capture your views of the world in perfect pictures – and share them seconds later by WiFi.



  • Fast & Intuitive
  • Made In Germany
  • 28 Mm Prime Lens
  • 3.68 Mp Evf
  • Extremely Fast Lens
  • Wifi


» Download Technical Datasheet for Leica Q
» Download Brochure for Leica Q




Unrivalled. Rugged. Amazing pictures.

In pouring rain, tropical heat or a blizzard – the extreme ruggedness of the Leica X-U makes it the perfect companion on any outdoor project or journey. As a shockproof, dust and water sealed expedition camera, the Leica X-U defies the elements with confidence and ease. Its minimised and intuitive handling guarantees you ultimate creative freedom and the ability to react in a flash as opportunities arise.

The rugged Leica X-U, its extra-large sensor and a first-class lens, delivers pin-sharp and breathtakingly brilliant pictures under even the toughest conditions. Adventure photography starts here!



  • Outdoor
  • Large Aps-C Sensor
  • Made In Germany
  • Shock- & Waterproof
  • Dust-Sealed Anywhere & Any Time


» Download Technical Datasheet for Leica X-U
» Download Brochure for Leica X-U



The LEICA V-Lux (Typ 114)

The world is an open book

In many situations in life, perfect timing is everything. The lightning-fast autofocus and especially large sensor of the Leica V-Lux guarantee spontaneous records of fleeting moments. Its 25 to 400 mm super-zoom lens (35 mm equivalent) reliably captures every subject – even when it’s moving fast – and makes it the ideal camera for travel, sports, and wildlife photography.

The Leica V-Lux has as many facets as life itself. Its near-instantaneous autofocus and impressively fast burst shooting mode capture everything from wildlife on safari to the fast action of a football match – all without the time and effort of changing lenses.



  • Extremely Fast & Versatile
  • 25 To 400 Mm Range
  • Big Zoom
  • Wifi
  • Large 1“-Sensor Jack-Of-All-Trades


» Download Technical Datasheet for Leica V-Lux (Typ 114)
» Download Catalogue for Leica V-Lux (Typ 114)




Inspired by life

Meet every day of your life with open eyes, grasp photography as the art of observation, and discover the artist within you. The Leica D-Lux is a master of available light photography. Its extra-large sensor creates sparkling pictures that capture your inspiration. Details of the whole, the unusual in everyday life, perfection in the imperfect.

Discover true creative freedom – and switch smoothly and easily between manual mode and the numerous automatic modes offered by the Leica D-Lux camera. Thanks to its large sensor and a perfectly matched lens, you can always look forward to exceptionally brilliant pictures.



  • Exceptionally Fast Lens
  • 4k Video
  • Versatile
  • Compact
  • Wifi
  • Electronic Viewfinder
  • Large Four-Thirds-Sensor


» Download Technical Datasheet for Leica D-Lux
» Download Brochure for D-Lux



The LEICA Sofort

Frame those special moments

Life has many magical moments you can see coming almost before they happen. Moments that must be kept forever, although they are gone in a flash. Moments that must be framed and captured to hold in your hand – transformed into lifelong memories that you can relive again and again. The Leica Sofort was created precisely for these moments. The first instant camera from Leica.



  • Instant Pictures
  • Non-Digital
  • Lifestyle & Fun
  • Compact & Creative Uniquely Special
  • Available in 3 Fun Colours: White, Mint & Orange


» Download Technical Datasheet for Leica Sofort



The LEICA Sport Optics

Reflect the passion for nature

When you encounter Lifestyle & Leisure products from Leica, you experience a whole new attitude towards life. Leica binoculars are pure expressions of individuality and perfection, driven by a passion for design of the highest quality and true optical excellence. When life requires sharper sight, or you want to be closer to the action at hand, our Lifestyle & Leisure products are your perfect accompaniment, allowing you to encounter unforgettable moments intensely and vividly.


» Download Technical Datasheet for Leica Sport Optics
» Download Brochure for Leica Sport Optics



The LEICA Pinmaster II Pro

The pioneers of laser rangefinding

The Leica Pinmaster family combines more than 100 years of premium optics and 25 years of pioneering achievement in distance determination. This makes these laser rangefinders the perfect tools to hit every green in regulation. Leica makes use of its position as world market leader in premium compact rangefinding and adapts these skills perfectly to the demands of golf.

With its magnification factor of 7x and its crystal clear image, the Leica Pinmaster are perfectly adjusted to all the demands on the golf course: the carbon-fibre-reinforced body is so light and compact that the Leica Pinmaster do not only fit into every hand but also into every golf bag. And with the patented AquaDura® coating dirt and rain simply roll off. This makes the Pinmasters your perfect companions on every round of golf.


» Download Technical Datasheet for Leica Pinmaster II Pro



Cathay Photo is a LEICA official premier dealer in Singapore.

For more information on LEICA products, please visit or contact us at Peninsula Plaza or Marina Square. Our contact details can be found here.



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