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Things are Simple at the Top

The first thing that comes to mind about Swiss-made products is precision - so are ALPA cameras. The first ALPA 35mm camera was introduced in 1944 by Pignons SA, a company that previously specialized in the watch-making industry. Following a brief disappearance from the photo industry, ALPA re-emerged in 19xx with many significant changes: a capable new management run by Ursula Capaul, Thomas Weber and Andre Oldani and a completely new camera design that is the ALPA 12. Today, ALPA cameras are reputed for their mechanical precision and optical quality. Designed and built with simplicity in mind for the professional photographers, capturing that perfect moment is truly a breeze. The company’s slogan says it all: Things are Simple at the Top.


Compact medium format camera

Pictured above: ALPA 12 TC with the new Rosewood Natural Handgrip

Measuring at 109 x 109 x 20mm, the ALPA 12 TC (Travel Compact) is the smallest 6x9 roll-film camera which also doubles as a digital camera with more than 60 mega pixels. With an aluminum body, it weighs a mere 220g, making it the ideal travelling camera for professionals on the move. And with its ergonomically-designed handgrips, you can take multiple shots without feeling discomfort. What’s more, with lenses that are made of the highest standard, every shot can only be perfect.

12 TC is the latest addition to ALPA 12 family of products. If you are a patron of ALPA system, the good news is: the lenses, backs, viewfinders and accessories are all compatible with this camera (except specific elements of models WA and SWA). ALPA is and remains an open system.



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Viewfinder Medium Format Camera
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