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Quality Filters from B+W: Tradition & Innovation "Made in Germany"

The first manufacturer of filters to offer the innovative water- and dirt-repelling MRC multi-layer coating process, B+W was founded in Berlin in 1947 by business partners Biermann and Weber, thus explaining the origin of its name.

Filters solve a great variety of tasks in photography. In the old days of film, filters are used to match the illumination to the type of color film; they enhance contrast and colors; they accentuate the amount of incoming light; they can make the structures invisible to our eyes visible to the film; and they offer numerous optical effects for creative composition or for abstractions. Filters make it possible to achieve photographs that simply could not be made without them, and many of them could not be accomplished with subsequent digital image manipulation.

With digital photography today, B+W recognizes that filters play an equally important role, which is why it offers a wide range of digital imaging filters suitable for lenses on most current digital cameras and camcorders, all sealed with the renowned B+W high-quality standard.


Limited Edition: F-Pro Gold UV MRC Filter


The F-Pro Gold series is an exclusive edition of the classic F-Pro line of filters. This limited edition filter is produced in Bad Kreuznach from carefully selected materials.

The gold-color version is strictly made from highly transparent, MRC-coated UV protective glass. Each filter is given a serial number as well as a certificate of authenticity, then delivered in a luxurious wood case.

The 010 MRC UV-Haze F-Pro Gold series is available in the following sizes:

  • 39mm
  • 77mm


» Download the B+W Filter Brochure (English)
» Downoad the B+W Filter Brochure (Simplified Chinese / 简体中文)
» Download the B+W Filter Handbook 6 (2003)


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