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70 Years of Studio Technology

Since the presentation of the first FOBA photographic table in 1966, the popularity and acceptance of FOBA products as the industry standard for studio equipment grew from strength to strength.

Started by Mr. Walter Friedrich in 1939 as a small family business, FOBA continues to surprise the specialist world over and over with its practical equipment designed with modularity in mind. This means that there is almost no application that FOBA products cannot support; each product range is standardized and compatible with one another.

With the possibility of adding new components to your existing FOBA equipment, your studio equipment can continue to expand and be upgraded to suit new requirements, thus increasing efficiency and productivity.

Studio Camera Stands

Studio Camera Stands

FOBA studio camera stands are indispensable for quality-conscious studio photographers. They guarantee absolute stability for shake-free shots – even with the heaviest cameras. And FOBA studio camera stands are quickly adjusted and perfectly fixed. This gives that decisive edge on speed, with optimal safety and ergonomic handling for maximum output. FOBA studio camera stands are tough and well-balanced; vertical and horizontal alignment is child’s play with 24 adjustable ball-bearings.

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Tripod Heads

Tripod Heads

The FOBA SUPERBALL head is the most popular of the FOBA range. With its elegant design and sturdy construction, this head is ideal for medium and large format cameras, while the smaller MINI SUPERBALL is the perfect tripod mounting for small and medium format cameras.

The FOBA SUPERBALL M-Line is the “Lightweight” of the SUPERBALL family. Lasting precision and funcationality mark the key features of the M-Line ball heads. The heads guarantee optimum stability, ergonomic operation and maximum clamping force and are designed to withstand many years of use under harsh everyday conditions. Ideal for 35mm SLR and medium format cameras and ensures both precise camera movement and reliable locking.

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Shooting Table

Shooting Tables and Backgrounds

Good studio tables take the hard work out of photography. The FOBA shooting tables are designed to satisfy even the most exacting photographer’s requirements, effectively neutralizing cast shadows, even under complex multiple lighting situations.

The DIMIL is a medium-sized shooting table with a sheet back that can be tilted by 90° and a pre-formed front part. The upper rung can be set in 5 different positions to follow the sheet angle while the bottom rung has 3 positions to allow floor lights to come through comfortably.

To make the most out of your shooting table, there are also the TT Plast washable plastic background sheets (100 x 130cm) that come in assorted colors. These sheets can be cleaned easily with plain or soapy water and are much appreciated by photographers when they don’t want to risk damaging a more delicate background with wet or dirty objects.

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Ceiling Rail System

Ceiling Rail System For The Uncluttered Studio

The FOBA ceiling rail system boasts a clever, well-tried design to keep your lighting, power packs and cables mobile and always ready for use on the ceiling. Not only is the FOBA ceiling rail system ideal for an efficient working environment in large studios, it is particularly appreciated in small studios where every extra square inch of floor area means a genuine improvement to working conditions.

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