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Anti-Static Brushes and Cleaning Aids


 The Panther Cloth

The Panther ClothTM

The Panther Cloth (MPC) is an anti-static, microfiber cloth that has been specifically engineered for cleaning with liquids and solutions. The 10” x 18” black cloth has stripes of effective conductive fibers knit every 1/8” that dissipate static charges. This ultra soft cloth is designed for use on sensitive surfaces and is not wet, so exposure to air will not dry it out.

 The Tiger Cloth

The Tiger ClothTM

The Tiger Cloth (ASC) is an anti-static, microfiber cloth that has been specifically engineered for cleaning photographic films (dry use). The 10” x 18” orange cloth contains hundreds of thousands of small pockets to aggressively capture the dust and dirt from sensitive negatives and transparencies.

Aqueous Cleaning Solution

This is a water-based, alcohol-free, PH-neutral and highly filtered cleaning solution that is compatible with the soft screen surfaces found on modern portable computers and DVD players. Surfactants have been added to remove finger oils and other contaminants without harming the delicate front surface of LCD and TFT displays. The Aqueous Cleaning Solution (ACS) comes in an easy-to-use vapor-spray dispenser that produces a fine mist to conserve solution and an even application.


StaticWiskTM Hand-Held Brush

The StaticWisk hand-held anti-static brushes are used for cleaning lenses, films, scanners, cameras, plastics, acrylics, jewelry, glass, monitors, instruments and technical equipment. The unique blend of soft natural hairs and conductive synthetic fibers plus the conductive nature of the construction result in effective static dissipation. Dust and lint are whisked away.

The StaticWisk brushes are available in assorted sizes and can be washed in shampoo and water without affecting their performance.


 SpeckGRABBER Pro Kit


The SpeckGRABBER Pro Kit (SGK) safely removes dust specks from CCDs, optics, SLR mirrors, films, glass, transparencies, electro optical devices and delicate surfaces without the danger of damaging or causing additional contamination.  A small, soft washable pad on the end of the SpeckGRABBER Pro provides a high adhesion surface that sticks to contaminant particles, while a heavy-duty rubberized handle provides a comfortable grip.

The SGK includes:

  • SpeckGRABBER Pro
  • Three SpeckGRABBER tips
  • One-ounce spray bottle of Precision Cleaning Solution
  • 10” x 18” Anti-Static Panther Cloth
 Optics First Aid Kit

Optics First Aid KitTM

The Optics First Aid Kit (OFA) is designed for outdoor photographers, travelers and sportsmen. Whether you’re on safari, on tour or in the field, be sure to pack the Outdoor Photographer’s Optics First Aid Kit (it’s like an insurance policy) to make sure those irreplaceable photos are clear and sharp. The OFA cleans lenses, viewfinders, digital and film cameras, camcorders, binoculars, scopes, rangefinders and instruments.

The OFA includes:

  • StaticwiskTM (SW-020) Anti-Static Lens Brush
  • Precision Cleaning Solution (one-ounce spray bottle)
  • SpeckGRABBER
  • 10” x 18” Anti-Static Panther Cloth
  • Technical Cleaning Swabs



 Laptop/Portable DVD Screen Cleaning Kit

Laptop/Portable DVD Screen Cleaning Kit

The Laptop/Portable DVD Screen Cleaning Kit (LSK) is specifically engineered to easily, safely and effectively remove contaminants that laptop and portable DVD screens collect in their daily use.

The LSK includes:

  • Aqueous Cleaning Solution (one-ounce spray bottle)
  • 10” x 18” Panther Cloth


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