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Manufacturer of Lighting Filter Products

Only the BEST filters leave the LEE Filters factory in Andover, Hampshire, England; flawed sheets of resin, polyester or glass are discarded. Every filter produced and sold is quality assured.

To photographers, filters are generally used to balance the exposure within a scene, cutting out glare and removing reflections among other purposes. Thus, a good filter contributes to image quality. Because some filters can enhance the colors of an image, they are also used to achieve special effects in photography. To ensure the color density and evenness of a filter, all LEE Filters are checked in a spectrophotometer.

This high level of attention to detail is the reason why LEE Filters has maintained a worldwide reputation for quality since its beginnings more than 30 years ago.


Camera Filters
Seven5 Micro Filter System
(75mm Filters)
  100mm Filter System
(100mm Filters)
  SW150 Mark II Filter System
(150mm Filters)

For the first time, the creative power of LEE Filters are available with the flexibility of go-anywhere compact system cameras. The Seven5 System hands photographers control of their images when it really matters - at the moment of capture.

Comprising a lightweight, precision-engineered filter holder, the Seven5 System is compatible with LEE's 75x90mm filter range - which includes a Polariser, Neutral Density Filters and now the Little, Big & Super Stoppers.


Designed with just about every photographic combination in mind, the 100mm system can be configured to hold up to four 100mm filters (LEE Filter's standard width) for unparalleled creative freedom.The 100mm Filter System has a broad range of adaptor rings which enable you to use this system with an enormous range of lenses.


The SW150 Mark II Filter Holder has been designed specifically to fit ultra-wideangle lenses.

The design of the SW150 Mark II has been adapted from its predecessor and is now not only compatible with LEE’s range of SW150 neutral density graduated and standard filters, but also the new SW150 Polariser and Little, Big & Super Stoppers.

Due to the size of the front element of ultra-wideangle lenses, these filters are larger than those in the standard 100mm range.



Camera Filters










LEE Filters Bug for GoPro 

Robust, tough and compact, the LEE Filters Bug for GoPro expands the creative capacity of this revolutionary little camera.

Capable of capturing both moving and still images of high definition and professional quality, it’s not surprising that the super-compact GoPro camera has built itself an avid following among adventure sports aficionados.

The LEE Filters Bug for GoPro gives the photographer and filmmakers an even wider scope for creativity, be it they are hanging off the edge of a mountain or many metres under the sea.


Shown Above: Bug 3+ Action Kit Shown Above: Bug 3+ Underwater Kit


LEE Filters Seven5 Micro Filter System 

Light, portable and perfect for street photography and general picture-taking on-the-go, Compact System Cameras feature the flexibility of manual controls and interchangeable lenses, but is hasn’t always been possible to make the most of filters with them until now. 

The New Seven5 Micro Filter System, is specially designed for use with Compact System Cameras. It allows the photographer to take control of their images when it really matters – at the moment of capture. 

Comprising a lightweight, precision engineered filter holder, the Seven5 Micro Filter System is compatible with the 75x90mm filter range, which includes a Polariser, Neutral Density Filters and now the Big Stopper. Simply select the correct adaptor ring for your lens thread, screw it onto the lens, snap on the filter holder and drop in the appropriate filter. In just a few moments you're ready to shoot.  



» Download the LEE Filters Seven5 System Brochure



LEE Filters Super Wide 150mm Filter System

The Super Wide 150mm Filter System (SW150), announced in March 2010, is specially designed for use on the Nikon 14-24mm lens. In time to come, the SW150 Filter Holder will also be adapted to fit other super wide lenses.

The SW150 Filter Holder has two filter slots that take either 150 x 150mm standard filters or 150 x 170mm graduated filters. The holder also rotates, allowing greater control on the positioning of any graduated filters*.

The SW150 attaches to the lens via a purpose-built collar; each lens will have a collar attachment specifically designed for that lens. Custom fittings based around standard LEE adaptor ring sizes will also be a future part of the System, enabling the SW150 to be used with other lenses.


*Please note: While the full range of LEE resin graduated and standard filters are available separately, there is currently no Big Stopper filter or Polariser available for this system, due to the fact that the polarisation effect is too difficult to control on lenses with such a wide field of view.


» Download the LEE Filters System Brochure


Lighting Filters


LEE Filters Colour Effect Filters 

The Colour Effect Filters are high-quality lighting filters available in a vast range of colours that are accurately consistent from batch to batch, long-lasting and dependable. Every filter is checked against a scientifically generated set of parameters.



LEE Filters LED Filters 

The LED Filters are high-quality filters for LED lightings. They are available in a vast range of colours and are colour matched for cool white LED lights. These filters are designed to produce the same colour on a cool white LED (>6000K) as their tungsten-lighting equivalent. Think of them as a range of colour-corrected filters, as opposed to those that are colour temperature corrected.


» Download the LEE Filters Lighting Brochure



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