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Camouflage Cover For Your Photographic Equipment


Want to get up close and personal with wildlife to capture their every movement?  LensCoat ™ Lens Covers conceal your 200mm to 600mm lens so that your wildlife subject – small or big – is unaware of your camera surveillance. The camouflage print of the cover allows you to blend with the natural environment.

LensCoat Lens Covers allow you to shoot under harsh conditions: they are made of 100% closed-cell Neoprene to protect against bumps, shakes and cuts; they are water-proof and equipped with thermal barrier to protect your hands from cold lenses in lower temperature. Dressing and ‘undressing’ your lens with the lens cover are also easy – it slides on and off without leaving any mark on the lens and the AF/IS/VR controls as well as the distance-scale window are visible through the cover’s clear UV-PVC window. The best part is that the lens can be aligned with the camera body even with the lens cover on! Lesser arms movement means that you can keep on snapping without the attention.

In addition to the lens covers, which are available for a wide range of lenses including the Canon 70-200 f/2.8 IS and Nikon 70-200 VR, LensCoat has also brilliantly produced camouflage covers for teleconverters, extenders, lens hoods, tripods and even Wimberley heads.

With LensCoat Lens Covers, it’s hard to get caught.

The LensCoat  covers are available in our stores in Forest Green and Realtree Advantage Max4 HD designs.

LENSCOAT™ BeamerKeeper™ Pouch


Another quality product from LensCoat is the BeamerKeeper for your Visual Echoes’ Better Beamer Flasher Extender. It is a neoprene pouch that stores and protects your flash arms and Fresnel lens during travel or field work. Securing your BeamerKeeper to your jacket, belt or appendages like bags is easy with the supplied heavy duty snap hood and belt loop respectively. Available in Black, Forest Green, Realtree Max4 HD and Realtree Hardwoods Snow.


Other LensCoat pouches available include: BodyBagTM, BodyBag ProTM, BodyGuard Pro CB (Clear Back)TM, Gimbal Pouch and LensPouch (in assorted sizes).
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100% Closed-Cell Neoprene Lens Cover for All Seasons and Habitats
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