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Who would have thought that Lowepro – the top-notch brand for durable, stylish bags for photographers started from a garage in Colorado? That was in 1967. Today, it has offices in the United States, Canada, Australia, the UK, Germany and Switzerland. With distributors in over 100 countries, Lowepro bags are ubiquitous in the photography world.

The Lowepro team is made up of professional photographers, adventurers and extreme sport junkies – all sharing the same spirit. They won’t stop innovating; they listen to you, they learn. No Lowepro bag is perfect unless it is perfect for you. They pride themselves on every Lowepro bag that you carry on your back and shoulders. And even as you’re trekking the world with their best bags, they won’t be smiling if the production of these bags has threatened the natural environment that you enjoy – Lowepro care for the well-being of our Earth as much as they care for your comfort and safety with their bags.

All Lowepro bags are made from an array of high-quality materials ranging from nylon, leather and special materials like a Nailhead™, non-slip fabric and DryFlo™. Whether it is their backpacks, shoulder bags, sling bags, video bags or cameras pouches, each of them is made with Durability, your Protection, Accessibility and Comfort in mind.



To adventurous users, their camera equipment is subject to constant hazards as part of their exploration. The modular Street & Field™ System was thus first introduced to manage this concern which has now expanded to the SlipLock™ System. Components can be added or subtracted from the main system whenever required for a specific task. Peripheral items can be secured on the system with the SlipLock attachment tabs. With everything you need at hand, accessibility can’t be any easier.

Items in your bag’s main compartment are now also easily accessed within seconds, all thanks to the clever zippered side-entry design on selected Lowepro models, including the Fastpack series. And these are just some of the thoughtful ways in which the Lowepro bags are designed.



No matter how many equipment you carry in your Lowepro packs, you’re going to feel lighter. Sounds unbelievable but in the presence of maximum comfort, weight can really become an oblivious factor. The ergonomic lumbar padding, multiple-point harnesses, compression straps and contoured shoulder straps add up to provide the ultimate carrying comfort wherever you go; the harness allows for adjustment in weight distribution and balance, while the compression straps keeps the load close to your body and breathable.



Imagine your camera equipment plunging 80-feet down the cliff together with your Lowepro pack. We hope not! But this is exactly what happened to famous photographer Michael Yamashita who fell with his Lowepro Orion AW backpack while on assignment in Japan. He survived – without even a single broken bone – and so did his camera equipment. The backpack “absorbed the impact on the rest of my body as I bounced down the cliff” and cushioned the blows as his head hit against the rocks. Having saved Mr. Yamashita’s life and camera equipment, the durability of Lowepro bags transcends all description.




Whatever shooting condition that nature puts you in, Lowepro pulls you through. The All Weather Cover™ and the OverLap Zipper™ with reinforced walls and heavy-duty closed-cell foam protect your equipment from any harsh condition. Raining or snowing, dusty or sandy, you keep on trekking. Lowepro makes tough carrying solutions look stylish.

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