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The Leader of Medium Format Camera

The co-founder of Mamiya is camera designer Seichi Mamiya, which explains why, since its inception more than 65 years ago, all its photographic products have state-of-the-art functions and practical, ergonomic design. Through constant innovation with “human engineering” in mind, Mamiya developed a myriad technology that fulfilled the needs of professional and advance amateur photographers – especially in the medium format camera market. Mamiya survived World War II and expanded it business in New York and London. Within 20 years, 400,000 Mamiya cameras were sold.


Reinvention of the Classic 6x4.5cm Medium Format Camera

Equipped with the latest focusing technology, Mamiya 645AFD III has a precise auto focus system that makes focusing faster and quieter than its predecessors under different lighting situations. You can select your focusing point or set the camera on auto. “Quick Action” buttons are also specially designed for you to activate functions like multiple exposure, auto exposure, key lock, auto focus lock and auto-bracketing faster.

True to its reputation as the pioneer of the world’s first true cross-platform film or digital camera, Mamiya has included in 645AFD III the data transfer technology known as MSCE (Mamiya Serial Communication for External) that allows you to exchange all critical exposure and shooting information between your camera and digital backs. So smart is this camera that it keeps a record, and allows a recall, of your various setting preferences as well as individual users’ configurations.

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Your Ideal 6x7cm Platform for Film and Digital Cameras

Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID offers the versatility for traditional film capture as well as digital back compatibility; with its MSC (Mamiya Serial Communication) technology, wireless communication between your camera and digital backs is possible to perform functions such as shutter speed, ISO sensitivity and shutter release. The legendary revolving film back allows you to switch from vertical to horizontal composition, all without worrying about inaccuracy as its viewfinder clearly displays the effects with auto-frame masking. The built-in bellows focusing provides fast and precise focusing for close-up photography without the needs of costly accessories.

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The Workhorse of the Pro

Mamiya RB67 Pro SD comes from the family of the legendary RB mechanical 6x7cm, single lens reflex medium format camera. And with such an association, you’d expect nothing of this latest version but to offer complete system compatibility with all previous RB lenses, backs, finders and accessories.

The unique features of the RB67 Pro SD makes it the top equipment of choice to commercial and portrait studios: 6x7cm format negative size which is over 4½ times larger than 35mm and considered to be the ideal format, its revolving back that allows for quick horizontal-vertical composition adjustments and the bellows focusing with locking feature that makes fast and easy close-ups possible.

That the RB67 Pro SD has specialized world-class Mamiya lens designs is the icing on the cake. These RB lenses make the RB67 Pro SD ideal for heavy commercial and studio use, as well as portraiture, glamour and wedding photography. They offer a full-speed flash synchronization to allow mixing of flash and ambient light exposure required for outdoor shoots and complex studio situations.

The RB67 Pro SD system has many interchangeable multi-format film magazine options, so you can switch from instant Polaroid proofs to chrome film or any combination instantly mid-roll. Moving forward digitally, the RB has a locking mount system that’s so secure it can hold even the heaviest digital camera back!


Mamiya 7II
The Ultimate 6x7 Rangefinder

The Mamiya 7 II is the world’s most lightweight, compact and quiet rangefinder camera – the perfect choice for photojournalists and travel photographers. The way it is designed eliminates noise and vibration of typical SLR mirror movement and with the precise electromagnetic shutter from Mamiya, it’s near-silent each time you shoot. So easy, fast and accurate is the rangefinder focusing that the camera works even in low-light conditions. The camera features a built-in aperture priority AE (with ?-step increments) that provides excellent exposures for almost any lighting situation, even with high contrast subjects, and completely manual metering with LED readouts. 

The 6x7cm format is almost 5 times bigger than ordinary 35mm format and enlarges to standard 8”x10” paper size with nearly no cropping. Therefore, the entire image area is utilized, a fact that is very much appreciated by clients. The option of a 35mm panoramic adapter kit means that you can achieve spectacular 24x65mm images with an aspect ratio of 1:2.7.

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Important Information:
In January 2012, Mamiya Digital Imaging and Leaf Imaging Ltd. came together to form a new worldwide Mamiya Leaf brand that integrates both their product lines into one complete medium-format digital camera system.

Camera bodies are manufactured by Mamiya; digital backs are manufactured by Leaf. Camera, lenses and backs will retain their respective Mamiya and Leaf labels, and will still be available as individual components.

As for the analog products of Mamiya such as the RB and RZ, they will not be branded under Mamiya Leaf, but will instead continue to be known as Mamiya.


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