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Their Passion Lights Up Yours Too

What happens when a hobby turns into a business? The answer: only the best is delivered. Mr Francesco Rocchi was a technician in the cinemas industry and an operator for a rental company before he founded Cosmolight. He repaired luminaries and studied on how to improve them. It was this interest in electronics and mechanics that spurred him to create the first luminary in 1967. With attention to details in the manufacturing process, Mr Rocchi puts Cosmolight in the league of quality lighting. Besides its origins in Italy, Cosmolight is also lighting up the rest of Europe and other parts of the world.


RC 80 F (Cosmobeam 800 W)
Professional Video Lighting

Thanks to the way RC 80F is built, you can now shoot with even illumination through all working positions.

Clad in pressed aluminium, RC 80F is strong yet light for you to carry around. With an accurate focusing mechanism, the variable-beam luminaire provides excellent power and because its reflector is made of polished aluminum, a high degree of reflectivity is assured. To withistand the high temperature generated to give you powerful lighting, the lamphouse has a heat-resistant finishing.

Also packed with this product is a yoke, a 3.5-metre VDE fire resistant cable and an in-line 10Ah switch – all protected by an impact-proof cover.

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Professional Video Lighting Equipment
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