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It all started with the revolutionary Genus Matte Box - high in quality, yet affordably priced so everyone who needed one could own one. And that is exactly what Genus continues to do today: redefining the price point for innovative, well-engineered products designed for video and photography professionals.

Besides having a team of experts extensively testing its products in the most demanding environments, also working behind the scenes in creating new products for Genus is Colin Sanders, a legendary figure in the British film and broadcast industry. With such capable people committed to making the products you need, you know you're in safe hands!

Some of the fine products by Genus include: 

Wide Angle Matte Box System (GWMC)

The GWMC is a redesign of the original Genus Matte Box and as its name suggests, is made to accommodate wide angle lenses as well as standard-sized ones. It features a newly designed wide angle filter tray to hold your 4" x 4" filters and a third stand-off at the top of the system to give the trays more stability without compromising on the rotating function of the second filter tray.The reassuring blue accents that you see on every Matte Box are indications of all the adjustable functions.

Made of high-grade aluminum, stainless steel and acetal, the Matte Box is the perfect lightweight and durable companion for your DSLR and video cameras!

» Download the GWMC Brochure 

» View the works of Dan Chung, a highly-respected photojournalist, shot using GWMC

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PV Matte Box Systems (GPV-MK1PV/ GPV-MK2PV)


Light weight and compact, the GPV-MK1PV/ GPV-MK2PV consist of Genus Pana Wide Clip-on Matte Box system (GPVCMC) that holds two 4" X 5.65" filters securely; one of which is fully rotatable for graduating filters.

Complete with your specified adaptor ring to fit your lens, this Matte Box System is the perfect companion to take with you on your next location shoot.



  • Clips on to your lens and fastens with ease
  • Wide rayshade to accommodate wide-angle lenses
  • Fits a large range of lenses, both standard and wide
  • Two lockable filter holders; one fixed and one 360° rotatable Clamp ring caters for lenses and wide angle adaptors up to Ø105mm
  • A donut adaptor ring ensures a snug fit between the lens adaptor ring and the clamp ring of the matte box
  • A selection of screw-in adaptors rings to fit 58mm to 86mm lenses are available


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Adaptor Bars System for DSLR Cameras (GMB/DSLR)

The GMB/DSLR was designed with the DSLR camera in mind. Suitable for most DSLR cameras, the GMB/DSLR offers a higher "seat" to accommodate different cameras and optional add-ons, such as audio adaptors. The GMB/DSLR can be maneuvered horizontally and vertically to give you perfect alignment with your Matte Box and lens, with just a twist of a knob.

» Download the GMB/DSLR Brochure 



Advanced Adaptor Bars System (GMB/A)

The GMB/A is a masterpiece in versatility and design. It features vertical and horizontal pieces which can be adjusted with a turn of a knob. This allows your Matte Box to be aligned perfectly without any fuss.

The top adaptor plate slides back and forth to accommodate any lens length and can be removed for easy camera mounting while the base tripod plate is simple to fix onto your tripod.

The GMB/A comes supplied with 170mm support bars which can be retracted or extended as required.

» Download the GMB/A Brochure 



Professional Adaptor Bars System (GMB/P)

The GMB/P is specifically designed to cater to the Electronic News Gathering (ENG) camera market. Clicking snugly and securely onto a Sony V-mount plate or its equivalent, the GMB/P serves the dual function of a bar system as well as a camera plate.

The GMB/P comes supplied with 215mm support bars which can be removed when not in use, leaving the plate attached to the underside of the camera.

» Download the GMB/P Brochure 



Hot Plate Professional Adaptor Bars System (GMB-HP)

The GMB-HP was designed with the new generation of large sensor video cameras, such as the Sony PMW-F3 and Panasonic AF100, in mind.

By utilizing industry-standard 15mm rods, the shoulder mount ensures compatibility with other accessories. You can accessorize your camera with the easy attachment of matte boxes and follow focuses. Manufactured from aviation-grade aluminum, the GMB-HP is both strong and lightweight.

The hot plate comes with a selection of camera screws to suit a wide range of cameras. To vary the height of the rods, simply change the orientation and fixing point of the rod support bracket.

» Download the GMB-HP Brochure



Shoulder Mount System (GCSMK) 

The GCSMK offers you balance and stability where you need it most, the way you want it. This modular system is easy to assemble, and features comfortable non-slip handles and parts that can be flipped to suit different cameras and camcorders while sitting snugly on your shoulder to give you more control during your shoot.

» Download the GCSMK Brochure 

Shoulder Brace System Kit (GSBK) 

Featuring industry-standard 15mm rods and quality engineering, this rig is built to last.

Ideal for the DSLR shooter on the run, the contoured shoulder brace gives you support and comfort to stabilize your hand-held shooting without weighing you down.

The modular and flexible design of the unit makes it quick and easy to configure to your shooting style. The DSLR Mount Bracket (GCSM-MOUNT) allows you to adjust your camera's height. The length and angle of the shoulder brace (GSB) is adjustable to ensure maximum comfort.

The GSBK breaks down into a small, lightweight package for storage and transportation, making it ideal for the traveling shooter.



Bravo Follow Focus (G-BFOC)

The Bravo Follow Focus System, built for DSLR cameras, comes with a 0.8mm pitch gear and smooth rotation to give you perfect focus to your shots.


  • Thread-through bar bracket to give perfect stability
  • Sliding bracket to give you perfect engagement with the lens focus barrel
  • Smooth rotation on the focus gear
  • Pitch Gear assembly can be reversed for use with different lenses
  • Bevelled marking disc can be reused (use pencil or non-permanent marker)


» Download the Bravo Follow Focus Brochure



Bravo Deluxe Follow Focus (G-BFOCDEL)

With the new G-BFOCDEL, you now have:

  • End Stops
  • Ability to use 0.5 and 0.6 pitch gears, in addition to the 0.8 pitch gear
  • A better mounting system
  • Ability to adjust the gear tension should there be backlash



Superior Follow Focus (G-SFOC)

The Superior Follow Focus is a flexible follow focus system which allows you to change pitch gears easily depending on your camera / camcorder.


  • Clamp-on quick bar release mechanism which allows you to detach the system without taking everything else off your rig
  • Sliding bracket to allow for easy change of pitch gears
  • Smooth rotation on the focus gear
  • Pitch gear assembly can be flipped to accommodate reverse rotation
  • Bevelled marking disc can be reused (markings can be made with pencil or non-permanent marker)


Optional Accessories:

  • G-PG05 0.5 Pitch Gear (Canon & Angenieux)
  • G-PG06 0.6 Pitch Gear (Fujinon)
  • G-PG08 0.8 Pitch Gear (DSLR Still Lenses)
  • G-FG Flexible Lens Gear Ring


» Download the Superior Follow Focus Brochure



Genus French Flags (GFFW)

French Flags are attached to the Matte Box to prevent light flare onto the camera lens. Made from high-grade aluminum and finished in a non-reflective black coating, the GFFW can easily be fixed onto either the Genus Standard or Wide 4x4 Matte Box and adjusted to the desired angle as required with a twist of a lock knob.

The flag can also be removed when not in need simply by loosening it from its spindle bar. As the GFFW is the same width as the Matte Box itself, it can be folded down to act as a protective lens cover when not in use.

» Download the Mattebox Accessories Brochure 



Sun Shade (GSS) 

The GSS is a lightweight single filter tray solution for video and DSLR cameras, featuring a 4x4 rotating tray that's ideal for use with polarizing filters.

It is easy to attach to your lenses; simply clip it onto your lenses via an adapter ring that is available from Genus in sizes from 37mm to 86mm. An optional French Flag is available for extra light and flare control.



  • Clips onto your lens and fastens with ease
  • Wide rayshade to accommodate wide-angle lenses
  • Fits a large range of lenses, both standard and wide
  • One lockable filter holder; one fixed and one 360° rotatable
  • Clamp ring caters for lenses and wide-angle adapters up to Ø105mm
  • A Do-Nut adapter ring ensures a snug fit between the lens adapter ring and the clamp ring of the matte box



Universal Donut - Nun's Knickers (GARD-NK)

The GARD-NK Donut Adaptor Ring (or Nun's Knickers, as an industry tongue-in-cheek nickname) is a donut ring fitted with a black-out fabric cover that wraps around the barrel of your lens to block out any light completely. The 105mm plastic ring fits snugly into your Matte Box and the elasticated fabric cover wraps around the barrel of your lens. The flexibility of the fabric ensures that it can be used with lens diameters 72mm upwards.

» Download the GARD-NK Brochure 

» Download the GARD-NK User Guide


Century 4 x 4 Filters by Schneider Optics

Schneider Optics is widely considered as one of the world's top makers of professional lens add-ons, so it is no wonder that these Century Filters have been specifically selected to meet the unique needs of today's DV/HDV cinematographers.

Made of superior-grade materials, these affordable 4" x 4" filters offer high-end performance that will boost your creativity to a new level. The filters fit neatly into standard matte box filter holders and are available in the following variety:

  • Circular Polarizer - for reducing glare and unwanted reflections, saturating colors, deepening blue skies, improving contrast and penetrating haze. Commonly used to control glare on water and to allow the camera to see below the surface. They are also used to reduce glare on car bumpers and to control reflections on plate-glass windows.
  • Linear Polarizer
  • Neutral Density (ND) .6 Solid - for the best handling of exposure. with a ND of .6 (2 stops), this filter reduces transmission by 75% and can be used to control exposure or depth of field under various lighting conditions without affecting color or contrast.
  • ND .9 Solid
  • ND .6 Soft Edge Graduated - employing a surface that is 50% clear and 50% with a ND of 0.6, as well as a soft edge transition line between the two, this filter balances exposure within the scene. For example, the exposure of the sky and earth in a landscape, avoiding overexposed blank white skies.
  • Black Frost 1/2 Diffuser Filter - for subtle enhancement of a scene by flaring highlights, muting colors and toning down contrast, without degrading image quality or black saturation.
  • Skintone Enhancer - for adding warmth to skin tones and accentuating foliage and architecture while reducing excessive blue in outdoor open shade. This filter is the ideal tool for romantic close-ups.



ND Fader Filter 77mm (GNDF)


The Genus ND Fader is a compact all-in-one variable neutral density fader filter that has up to 4 stops of light reduction with just the twist of your wrist. Giving you clear and precise shots at whichever density you are using. The GNDF screws in beautifully onto your lens and is an invaluable tool to enhance your images.


With a ND Fader filter you can create different levels of neutral density by simply rotating it by the convenient built-in handle

» Download the ND Fader Filter Brochure 







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