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Wimberley Head - Version II

Free gifts with purchase!



Product Code: WH-200



FREE with purchase:

  • Wimberley Quick-Release Lens Plate (worth up to $96)
  • LensCoat Wimberley WH-200 Cover (worth up to $65)
  • LensCoat Gimbal Pouch (worth up to $41)


The Wimberley Head is a specialized tripod head for telephoto lenses. Its gimbal-type design allows you to rotate your lens around its center of gravity and thus easily manipulate very large lenses. Since its introduction in 1991, the Wimberley Head has become the industry standard for serious nature photographers.

This improved Version II offers the same stiffness, capacity and fluid movement of the old version in a more compact and lightweight package (it is one pound lighter and about two inches shorter).

The head's redesigned panning base has zero play, and the pan locking knob has been moved to the side of the head, thus allowing the user to easily operate both knobs with the same hand. New lobed "soft-touch" knobs provide a more comfortable grip and perform better when using gloves.



  • Weight: 1.4kg
  • Max. Dimensions: 23.5 (H) x 8.9 (W) x 24.7cm (D)
  • Quick-Release Type: Arca-Swiss (Built-In)


Now you can convert your full gimbal Wimberley Head to a Sidemount Wimberley Head, which reduces its weight and bulk, with the Sidemount Conversion Kit (CK-100).


Please note: The lens, tripod and LensCoat Wimberley WH-200 Cover (Forest Green) shown in the images are for illustration purposes only and are sold separately.


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