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Zacuto DSLR Baseplate


Pro Video




Product Code: Z-DSLR-B

The DSLR baseplate is a highly configurable baseplate which is adjustable to accommodate tall and short body cameras, as well as cameras with battery grips. It also has mounting points to attach just about anything, including a follow focus and/or matte box. For long lenses, rod extensions (optional) may be necessary.

The baseplate comes with a pair of 3.5" rods, and has the standard ¼" 20 and 3/8" 16 mounting holes at the bottom for tripods, monopods, steadicams, etc.

It has multiple ½" 13 threads on all sides, allowing you to mount 15mm rods to create your perfect rig:

Side No. of Threads Purpose
Front (Top) 2 For mounting follow focuses, matte boxes, zoom/focus motors and lens support
Front (Bottom) 2 For lens support and single or double handgrips

Note: If using only one side for a single hand grip, you can secure the rods with an allen screw

Rear 2 For rod extensions to support battery power, wireless plates, monitors and other accessories that you may need when in a tripod configuration
Left & Right 1 each For mounting the gunstock and the offset shoulder pad and counterweight for handheld use. You can also mount a top handle, monitor arms and the cage which would use both sides at the same time

The top plate is a camera quick-release plate that lifts straight up and off with a twist of the red knob, allowing you to detach your DSLR with Z-Finder from the rest of the rig. The red knob also gives you left/right movement to adjust the lens position.

The front of the baseplate between the rods are two allen screws that are used to adjust the top plate vertically, so as to fit different camera body sizes while maintaining the proper lens height.


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