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Wimberley Sidemount Head

Free gift with purchase!



Product Code: WH-200-S



FREE with purchase:

  • Wimberley Quick-Release Lens Plate (worth up to $96)


The new Sidemount Wimberley Head is a lighter, more compact alternative to the full Wimberley Head (WH-200).

The main casting, and pan and tilt mechanisms are identical to the Wimberley Head; however, the swing arm and adjustable platform are replaced by a sidemounted quick-release clamp. This shaves nearly a pound off the weight and requires mounting the lens sideways as is done with the Wimberley Sidekick.


The same dual screw mounting configuration is used to attach the sidemounted quick-release as is used to attach the swing arm of the full Wimberley Head. Thus, it is simple to convert the Sidemount to the full Wimberley Head or vice versa.

To convert your Sidemount Wimberley Head to a full gimbal Wimberley Head, you can check out the Wimberley Full Conversion Kit (CK-200).



  • Weight: 1.04kg
  • Max. Dimensions*: 23.5 (H) x 6.4 (W) x 20.3cm (D)
  • Quick-Release Type: Arca-Swiss Style (Built-In)


*Height of Sidemount Wimberley Head is measured with quick-release knob pointing downwards.

Please note: The lens and tripod shown in the images are for illustration purposes only and are sold separately.


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