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LEE Filters 0.75 ND Hard Grad





The 0.75 ND Hard Grad Filter (100x150mm) reduces exposure by 2.5 stops without affecting color balance, providing a hard transition from dark to light.

Whatever format you shoot, ND Grads help cameras record scenes more like we see them - with a broad tonal range that's lost if not captured in the moment.

ND Grads can be stacked together, or with other filters, so that you can respond to almost any lighting situation.

Each ND Grad filter represents up to an hour of skilled work; LEE Filters' UK team gradually builds up the ND and gradation by dipping optically-correct resin in and out of baths of dye and continuously monitoring the results. These filters may well be the most labor-intensive item in your camera bag!


Deciding Between a Hard and Soft ND Grad

It all depends mainly on the subject matter of your image. As a general rule, a Hard Grad would be used for images containing a horizon, or any hard transition between the sky and the foreground - even with jagged or mountainous horizons, the exposure can be controlled far easier with a Hard Grad.

Soft Grads perform best in woodland, mist or interiors. Where there is no definite transition between sky and foreground, a Soft Grad will gently balance exposure across the image.


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