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PocketWizard FlexTT5 Transceiver (Canon CE Version)




The dedicated FlexTT5™ Transceiver, with its built-in hot-shoe and ControlTL™ firmware, is the perfect addition to the Canon E-TTL II flash systems.

The FlexTT5 takes the existing benefits of Canon wireless systems beyond the boundaries of infrared technology. When paired with the MiniTT1™ Transmitter or another FlexTT5 Transceiver, a whole new world of wireless flash freedom opens up.

The FlexTT5 is also the perfect Transceiver for your manual triggering needs and works with all MultiMax channels and many of the MultiMax advanced functions.

With PocketWizard's HyperSync™ Technology, the FlexTT5 allows you to use sync speeds beyond your camera's x-sync, up to 1/8000th of a second with some camera/strobe combinations, giving you the control you've always been looking for. With ControlTL Firmware Upgrade 6.0, HyperSync is automated and HyperSync timing is now adjusted in two separate places - on the transmitter and on the receiving ControlTL radio.

You can also use your camera's FP / High-Speed Sync mode with Canon Speedlites with the convenience and freedom of radio reliability. Now you can use any shutter speed or f-stop you want no matter where you place your flash.

Click here to watch the introduction video to MiniTT1 and FlexTT5.


Camera Compatibility

For more information on compatibility with Canon cameras and flashes, please click here to visit PocketWizard's Wiki page.




Please note: The Canon Speedlite shown in the image(s) is for illustration purposes only, and is sold separately.


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