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Drobo 5N Storage Array

$590 (U.P. $851)

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The Drobo 5N was designed with one purpose in mind: to deliver the best ever experience sharing storage and accessing data.

From the moment you plug it in, and is instantly accessible on your network, you'll know there's nothing like it.

The Drobo 5N is perfect for any connected home, home office, or small office environment needing a simple, safe device for sharing and backing up data over the network.

Not only is Drobo 5N fast, but it's easy-to-use, expandable, flexible, and protected - exactly what's expected from a Drobo. You can safely store and edit photos, videos, and audio files as well as store and back up all the computers on your network.


Key Features of Drobo 5N

  • Holds up to five 3.5" SATA II / III hard disk drives or solid state drives (SSD)
  • Built on BeyondRAID technology with single- or dual-drive redundancy
  • Equipped with single Gigabit Ethernet port for network connectivity
  • Power protecting your critical data
  • Designed for YOU


Warranty Coverage


Purchase 1-Year DroboCare at $201
and extend your peace of mind beyond the standard 1-year warranty. DroboCare gives you more, even during your standard warranty period!

For more information on DroboCare and what it does for you, please click here.


For more details and specifications, please click here.



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