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RØDE VideoMic with Rycote Lyre Suspension

Pro Video


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Everything You Need for Clean, Clear Audio

Introducing the new VideoMic with Rycote® Lyre® Suspension - everything you need to record crystal clear audio to match the high definition of today's cameras. The VideoMic is designed for simplicity of operation, so you don't need to be an expert to get professional results.



  • Tight Pickup Area - Focus on the subject in front of the camera and reduce other surrounding noise with the VideoMic's highly directional super cardioid polar pattern.
  • Integrated Rycote® Lyre® Suspension - The integrated Rycote Lyre shock mounting isolates your microphone from bumps and vibrations that could otherwise interfere with your sound. Constructed from a single piece of hard-wearing thermoplastic, the Lyre provides superior acoustic suspension to traditional elastic solutions, and will never wear out, sag or snap.
  • High-Pass Filter & PAD - The High-Pass Filter setting acts to minimize distracting background noises appearing on your recording and a three-stage PAD allows the recording of loud sound sources such as concerts or motorsports.



The all new RØDE VideoMic with Rycote Lyre onboard from RØDE Microphones on Vimeo.


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