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Zacuto ENG Grip Relocator for C100, C300 & C500* Cameras


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Product Code: Z-EGRC

The ENG Grip Relocator combines Zacuto's Grip Relocator for the Canon C100-300-500* with a 15mm lightweight spaced rod mount designed to put the grip directly to the side of the rods – similar to a traditional ENG style camera.

To mount this combination to your rig, simply slide the mount onto a set of 15mm rails running underneath your camera and tighten with the red lever. Zacuto's Studio Baseplate with 12" rods for Canon C100, C300 and C500 or Gorilla Baseplate for Canon C100, C300 and C500, Scarlet and Epic Cameras with some 7” Male/Female rods attached would be perfect for this ENG Grip Relocator.

The Canon C100/300* removable grip attaches directly to our Relocator handle and Zacuto's exclusive right-angle cable connects to the port on your camera. Once it is plugged in, users have trigger or on/off control, lens aperture control, and a programmable function button that can be set to a number of things including waveform, 1 to 1 zoom, zebras, my menu, and many more. The cable is 24" long.



* The ENG Grip Relocator can be used with the C500. However, the C500 camera does not come with the Canon Grip. You must purchase that separately from Canon. 


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