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Zacuto Recoil Handgrip Kit


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Product Code: Z-RHGK

This kit is perfect for turning your rig into a Recoil rig, which positions the camera directly on top of the operator's shoulder (usually with a QR Shoulder Pad), creating a shorter, more balanced traditional-style rig.

This kit attaches to your existing 15mm rods (lightweight or studio-spaced) that run through a baseplate, and pushes focusing forward and down for easy accessibility while also providing double handles for stability.


The Recoil Handgrip Kit is comprised of:



Zgrip Z-Mount Zwivel Handgrip

The Zgrip Z-Mount Zwivel comes with a black 4.5" rod and a Z-Mount Zwivel II to attach to any 15mm rod. The Zwivel II allows you to change the angle between the two 15mm rods at set points, turning 365° using a pin-locking mechanism.

The Zwivel II has two levers which control each 15mm hole. To change the angle of the rods, just loosen either of the levers and the internal spring separates the parts for you to adjust to the desired angle. The handgrip fully articulates at a ball joint via the red quick-release lever.



Z-Drive Follow Focus

This is a unique, direct-drive universal follow focus. It attaches to a single 15mm-diameter rod and curves away from the operator at a 60° angle, creating space and distance from the lens for comfortable use when the camera is on your shoulder.

The Z-Drive slides on to the rod and tightens in place next to your lens with a Zacuto quick-release ratcheting red lever. It comes with a fixed 1¾"-diameter 0.8 pitch gear to connect to your lens. If your lenses are not pitched to 0.8 or are not pitched at all (most DSLR and basic video camera lenses are not), you can add Zacuto's Zipgear Universal to your lens so that the teeth matches the gear correctly for smooth rotation.

The Z-Drive has a slender marking disc to create distance marks for repeatable focus pulls and a standard whip port.

Please note: The Z-Drive is not compatible with matte boxes when working shoulder-mounted.



Tornado Grip

The Tornado Grip attaches to the Z-Drive whip port and works in tandem with the Z-Drive to create a unique mechanical follow focus handgrip. Slide the Tornado grip into the Z-Drive whip port by pushing down on the round plunger and pushing the Tornado into the port. Once you release this plunger, it will be securely attached.

Grab the horn handle with your bottom three fingers, placing your forefinger and thumb on the scalloped focus wheel. Turn your whole hand to focus. For lenses with a large focus rotation, release your thumb and forefinger, ratchet your wrist back and grab the scalloped wheel once again for more range.


Zacuto recommends:

  • For Canon C100/300/500 users: to replicate this set-up by purchasing a Tornado, Z-Drive and a Zgrip Handle with Relocator (for Canon C100/300/500), a 4.5" rod and an extra Z-Mount Zwivel II (see illustration below).
  • For Sony FS100/700 users: to replicate this set-up by purchasing a Tornado, Z-Drive and FS100 or FS700 Grip Relocator, a 4.5" rod and an extra Z-Mount Zwivel II.
  • For Canon DSLR users: to purchase an additional Okii Mini Controller to have camera control at the handle. Attach it to the handle in this kit with the Okii Zgrip Bracket.


Above: Replicating the Recoil Handgrip Kit for the Canon EOS C100.


Watch the introduction videos below:




Please note: The Zacuto Mini DSLR Baseplate, QR Shoulder Pad, Zgrip Handle with Relocator for C100/300/500, 4.5" rod and extra Z-Mount Zwivel II, as well as the Canon EOS C100, shown in the image(s) are for illustration purposes only, and are sold separately.


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