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Genus Mini Jib Arm Kit


Pro Video


Product Code: G-MINIJIB

This revolutionary Genus Mini Jib Arm Kit gives you the freedom to take a camera jib to places you would have only dreamed of doing in the past.

Compact and lightweight, the mini jib is about the same size or smaller than most tripods and is the perfect companion for your filming projects and adventures.

The mini jib will require a strong and steady tripod (sold separately) for support. Ensure the rated payload of the tripod is greater than the combined weight of the mini jib and the accessories attached to it. Dumbbell weights (sold separately) are recommended for use as counter weights for the mini jib. They are available in increments and are very compact. 


This kit includes:

  • Genus Mini Jib Arm (G-MINIJIB-ARM)
  • Genus Mini Jib Carry Bag (G-MINIJIB-CBAG)
  • Genus Mini Jib Strap (G-MINIJIB-STP)
  • 2x Genus Lock Jaw Collars (G-MINIJIB-LJC)
  • 3x Genus 1/4 Camera Locking Screw (G-MINIJIB-LCKSCREW)



Collapsed 84 cm
Extended 180.5 cm
Weight 1.58 kg
Maximum Camera Weight 4.25 kg
Height Range 1.87 m 



Please note: The camera, tripod, weights and quick release baseplates shown in the image(s) and video(s) are for illustration purposes only, and are sold separately. 


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