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SmallHD DP7-PRO OLED Field Monitor (HDMI + SDI) with X-Port

$3,050 (U.P. $3,198)

Pro Video


Product Code: MON-DP7-PRO-OLED-X

Real-Time Color Grading & 3D Luts

The DP7-PRO Field Monitors represents the very latest in field monitor technology. They feature premium displays, advanced composition tools and are built like tanks. The DP7-PRO OLED Field Monitor with X-Port is designed to fit into your workflow with its ease of use and flexibility which creates a hassle-free monitoring experience.

OLED displays have much higher color reproduction capability compared to LCD displays which gives the DP7-PRO the required range to accurately display industry standard color spaces for broadcast/web and digital cinema. The DP7-PRO OLED Field Monitor is able to detect and display your custom 3D LUTs from any color grading application, allowing you to view a graded image in real time. It also has a discreet expansion port on the back that allows for clean, bulk free integration with accessories such as a Paralinx Wireless Dock.



  • 7.7-Inch Screen Size
  • 1280 x 800 Resolution
  • 8-Bit Color Depth
  • 2-Way Cross Conversion (SDI/HDMI)
  • Real-time 3D LUT Functionality
  • High Colour Gamut
  • 24 Quick-Access ‘Smart-Keys’
  • True Black Point/High Contrast
  • High Resolution/Full Screen Waveform & Scopes


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