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Lensbaby Circular Fisheye

$375 (U.P. $483)

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Available in: Canon EF and Nikon F Mount

Lensbaby's 5.8mm Circular Fisheye lens gives photographers a fun and affordable way to create circular images that transform the world around them.

This Circular Fisheye lens is great for capturing the scale of endless landscapes and big events, fun self-portraits, quirky shots of pets or friends, creating extreme perspective, and experimenting with unique lens flare.

It is capable of capturing a 185° angle of view and focusing from 1/4" in front of the lens to infinity. That extreme close-focus paired with the incredibly wide 5.8mm focal length produces other-worldly distortion with exceptional sharpness throughout.

The Circular Fisheye is optimized for APS-C sensor DSLRs, while producing a smaller image circle on full frame DSLRs.



  • Available in mounts for Canon EF and Nikon F cameras
  • Polished internal barrel for creative flare and reflection
  • Focus distance scale and hyperfocal scale to aid in focusing
  • Focus Type: Manual
  • Focal Length: 5.8mm
  • Aperture Range: f/3.5 to 22
  • Min. Focus: 1/4"
  • Max. Focus: Infinity
  • Angle of View: 185°
  • Size: 7.6cm (H) x 7cm (W)
  • Weight: 298g


Sample Image:


Watch the introduction video here:


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