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Sekonic L-858D SpeedMaster

Free gift with purchase!

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FREE with purchase:

  • Sekonic RT-3PW Transmitter (worth $268)

This promotion is valid until 30 September 2019, while stocks last.


Sekonic's new flagship multi-function light meter, the SpeedMaster L-858D, is the result of over 60 years of Sekonic innovation with cutting-edge flash measurement technology.

For the first time in a multi-function light meter, the L-858D provides critical flash data needed to calculate proper ambient-flash exposure for HyperSync shutter speed. It also measures the brief flash bursts of HSS (High Speed Sync) for precision flash exposure control.

What is retained in the L-858D is the essence of its popular predecessors (the L-478D series) that enables photographers to break through the boundaries of ISO sensitivity, flash and ambient shutter speeds, as well as frame rates (fps) and shutter angles for cinematographers.

Having an increased sensitivity for both incident and reflected-spot sensors in ambient light allows extreme low-light level measurements.


Key Features:

  • Flash Duration Measurements
  • HSS Flash Measurements
  • Exposure Profiling
  • 2.7" Color Dot-Matrix Touch Screen
  • Extended ISO Range (ISO 3 to 13,107,200 + ISO 850)
  • Expanded Shutter Speed Range for Flash Light (30 mins to 1/16,000s)
  • Expanded Shutter Speed Range for Ambient Light (30 mins to 1/64,000s)
  • Full HD Cine and Cine Mode - 1 to 1,000 fps, and 1 to 358-degree shutter angle
  • Connectivity with Mac / PC DTS Software (for firmware upgrades, custom settings and exposure profiling)


For technical specifications and more details on the L-858D, please download the brochure here.


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