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LUME CUBE Light House + 3 Diffusers


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The Light House + 3 Diffusers is the perfect light modifying system for your Lume Cube. The Lume Cube slides snuggly into the housing and is secured by clamping closed. The Light-House uses strong magnets that allow you to place one or more filters over the light source to control the level of light diffusion that you need. The front lip ensures the filter fits snuggly in place and can not be knocked off the front of the housing during use.

Manufactured using a 180-micron material, they are more than double the thickness of a normal lighting filter, making them more durable and easy-to-use.


What's included:

  • 1pc Aluminium Housing
  • 3pcs magnetic Diffusion Filters



810 Diffusion 1
  • (Y=43%)
  • Strongest diffusion
  • Approx. equivalent 216 White Diffusion
811 Diffusion 2
  • (Y=50%)
  • Strong diffusion
  • Approx. equivalent 416 White Diffusion
812 Diffusion 3
  • (Y=60%)
  • Medium diffusion
  • Approx. equivalent 250 White Diffusion


Watch the introductory video of the Light House & 3 Diffusers:


Please note: The LUME CUBE shown in the image is for illustration purposes only, and is sold separately.


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