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Gitzo Carbon Microphone Boom XL Series 4 7-Sections


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Product Code: GB4571XL

The Gitzo GB4571XL is built with the very latest, high-performance Carbon eXact tubing, superior to the previous Carbon 6X tubing in terms of stiffness. Despite its superior size, this model is lightweight and ensures higher levels of stiffness and rigidity - even when extended to its full length – eliminating unwanted flexing and keeping microphones stable in the desired position.

The Gitzo GB4571XL manages cables precisely, improving operation speed and handling ease in the field. It helps eliminate unwanted noise through facilitated internal cabling: the sound cable can be fed through the boom thanks to easily removable top and bottom attachments, exiting naturally on both sides. Alternatively, the cable can run outside the boom.



  • 473cm, series 4 Carbon eXact microphone boom
  • G-lock ultra make it quick and rigid while operating
  • Extra-reach, easy cable handling, quick and secure setup
  • Ergonomic rubber grip and pinch-free rubber foot for comfort
  • Connects to most mic holders
  •  Equipped with a reversible 3/8”-1/4” screw
  • Connect to microphone holders with a 5/8” thread with the optional 3/8”-5/8” G1145 adapter
  • Weight: 1.12kg


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