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LEE Filters ProGlass Cine 6.6 x 6.6"


Pro Video




0.3ND (Product Code: PGC0366) $1,109
0.6ND (Product Code: PGC0666) $1,109
0.9ND (Product Code: PGC0966) $1,109
1.2ND (Product Code: PGC1266) $1,109
1.5ND (Product Code: PGC1566) $1,109
1.8ND (Product Code: PGC1866) $1,109
2.1ND (Product Code: PGC2166) $1,109


The ProGlass Cine range of neutral-density filters has been designed to meet the exacting needs of all cinematographers — whether shooting digitally or on film.

They are remarkably neutral, eliminating infrared pollution and ensuring all colours remain absolutely accurate and true. This simplifies workflow, saves time and enables cinematographers to focus on their creative goals.

Manufactured from 4mm-thick, optically flat, scratch-resistant glass, and edged with a metal rim, ProGlass Cine filters not only prevent focus shift, they are also durable and long lasting.


*How to place an order for this item:

  1. Visit any of our stores to place a deposit, or you can do so via a bank transfer (email or PM us on Facebook for details).
  2. Upon receipt of your deposit, an order will be placed with LEE Filters, and delivery lead-time is approximately 2 weeks, subject to factory availability.
  3. Once the item arrives in our shop, we will contact you regarding collection.


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