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Viltrox EF-M2 II Mount Adapter




The Viltrox EF-M2 is an EF-mount adapter for Micro Four Thirds cameras. This mount can make original focal length 0.71 times of the original focal length (equivalent focal length= focal length x0.71), which increase the maximum apperture by 1 stop. This product is made out of 4 elements in its design; the 4 piece optical glass, autofocus mechanism and the adjustable aperture, etc.


  • Gold-plated electronic contact, autofocus function,
  • Autofocus function and adjustable aperture from the camera to the lens
  • Made out of more durable metal material
  • Compatible for all the EF lens



Model: EF-M2 mount adapter
Compatible lenses: Canon EF series lenses
Compatible cameras: Micro Four Thirds series cameras
Focus mode: Autofocus
Focal Length Multiplier: 0.71x
Optical glasses: 4 groups, 4 glasses
Tripod Socket: Cu1/4"× 1
Diameter and Length: 67 × 25mm
Weight: 85g (excluding cap)
Front cap: Camera cover
Rear cap: Lens Dust cap



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