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Aladdin Bi-Flex M7 (Bi-Color 70W) V-Mount Kit with Soft Case

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The Bi-Flex M7 features Aladdin's new Micro LED Technology, which makes it possible to build a 1x1 panel with 70W instead of 50W.

The Bi-Flex M7 is the cinematographer’s choice for a small, lightweight and powerful lighting tool for many applications, such as a portable interview light or to hide in narrow spaces like elevators, cars or even inside objects for product photography. It runs on main power supply or battery, and comes with a dimmer as well as a mount for 16mm studs, so you can mount it onto your stands or clamps. It also has a velcro on each corner, enabling you to put it wherever you like.

This kit includes:

  • 1pc Bi-Flex M7 LED Panel
  • 1pc Dimmer with V-Mount Adapter
  • 1pc AC Adapter
  • 1pc X-Bender with 16mm Stud
  • 1pc Ball Head Stand-Mount
  • 1pc Extension Cable
  • 1pc Diffuser
  • 1pc Soft Case



  • Light Source: Super High CRI Power LED's (70W)
  • CRI: CRI 97 / TLCI 97
  • Color Temperature: 2900°K - 5600°K
  • Beam Angle: 140°
  • Dimmer: Dimming: (1% - 100%)
  • Cooling: Passive cooling
  • Dimmer Input: 12V to 30V
  • Power Unit: Automatic Voltage 90V - 260V
  • Dimensions: 300 (W) x 300 (H) x 5mm (D)


Download the Aladdin 2018 Catalogue here.


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