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(Everybody's waiting for) The Man with the BAG!


 Get your favourite bag, in your favourite style, from the following two hot collections
at discounts of up to 67%!


Manfrotto Off Road Collection
Item Today's Price
Off Road Hiker 20L Camera Backpack (Available in Grey, Red and Rose) $89 (List Price: $272)
Off Road Hiker 30L Camera Backpack (Available in Grey, Red, Blue and Green) $109 (List Price: $347)


National Geographic Bags Mediterranean Collection
Item Today's Price
Mediterranean Medium Holster for DSLR $95 (List Price: $190)
Mediterranean Shoulder Bag for DSLR $145 (List Price: $290)
Mediterranean Medium Messenger $172 (List Price: $345)
Mediterranean Tote Bag $177 (List Price: $355)
Mediterranean Medium Sling $185 (List Price: $370)
Mediterranean Small Backpack
$214 (List Price: $428)
Mediterranean Medium Backpack $240 (List Price: $480)




All I Want for Christmas is... the Bonus Bundle 3!

 Get your hands on the latest PocketWizard Plus IV Bonus Bundle 3 at just

$325 (U.P. $432)

This bundle consists of the following items:

  • 2pcs PocketWizard Plus IV Auto-Sensing Transceiver (CE 433MHz)
  • 1pc PocketWizard G-Wiz Squared Bag




'Tis the Season for Caring... Merry Christmas!


 Lavish your trusty camera equipment with some Tender Loving Care this Christmas, keeping them well-protected in our humid weather with the following deals:


Akarui E26D Dry Cabinet
(23-Litre, Analog)
(U.P. $95)
B+W UV Pro Premium
(Cleans lenses and cameras with UV rays to stop bacterial growth)
FREE: B+W Lens Cleaner II Kit
(worth $19)




CAPTURE the Magic of Christmas!

 Capture the festivity of the season with the much raved-about Tokina AT-X 24-70 f/2.8 PRO FX (Canon/Nikon) that has been stunning users with its stellar performance at just

$1,152 (U.P. $1,280)

Plus, get a FREE

  • Hoya 82mm Fusion Anti-static UV filter (worth $144)




Oh, by gosh, by golly… it's time for MANFROTTO and holly!

 Steady your shots with the Manfrotto Compact Action Tripod in Black as you snuggle up with your loved ones under the Mistletoe at just

$65 (List Price: $102)




A POLAROID perfect Christmas

 Snap a quick picture of the smile on your loved ones' faces as they rip open their presents with the Polaroid SNAP Touch at just $288

Plus, get a FREE

  • Pack of 30pcs ZINK paper (worth $29)




LIGHTEN up, it’s Christmas!

 Planned a romantic and cosy Christmas dinner for two? Remember to commemorate that day by taking a well-lit picture with the RoundFlash Dish (Light Version) at just

$70 (U.P. $99)




Have Yourself a GENIE MINI Christmas!

 Shooting smooth-panning motion time-lapse (or taking on the mannequin challenge with a 360° video) can't get any easier this Christmas with the
Syrp GENIE MINI, on offer today at just

$365 (U.P. $411).




May your days be merry and BRIGHT

 Deck the halls with lots of lighting with Manfrotto and Rotolight LED lights at discounts of up to 32%!


Manfrotto LYKOS LED Light
Item Today's Price

LYKOS Daylight LED Light

$579 (List Price: $723)

FREE: Manfrotto Lykos Bluetooth Dongle and Softbox
(worth $201)

LYKOS Bi-color LED Light

$639 (List Price: $798)

FREE: Manfrotto Lykos Bluetooth Dongle and Softbox
(worth $201)


Rotolight LED Light
Item Today's Price
NEO On-Camera LED Light RL $470 (List Price: $690)




May all your Christmases be white

 Ensure that you're editing your Christmas photos in their true colours with
Datacolor Spyder5CAPTURE PRO at just

$390 (U.P. $570)




Jingle bells SWING and jingle bells SLING

You don't have to worry about losing or dropping your camera if you have - according to BlackRapid - the World's Most Trusted Camera Strap! So swing by our stores to get your BlackRapid Shot Camera Shoulder Strap (Black/Orange) at just

$32 (U.P. $58)




Ho! Ho! HOYA!

Now that you've gotten a bag, tripod, lighting and camera strap, it's time to complete the set with a filter! Protect your lenses from scratches and stains, as well as unwanted UV rays with HOYA filters at a discount of 50%! 


Item Today's Price
52mm UV HD Nano $60 (List Price: $120)
55mm UV HD Nano $61.50 (List Price: $123)
58mm UV HD Nano $73 (List Price: $146)
62mm UV HD Nano $80 (List Price: $160)
67mm UV HD Nano $88 (List Price: $176)
72mm UV HD Nano $110 (List Price: $220)
77mm UV HD Nano $120 (List Price: $240)
82mm UV HD Nano $140 (List Price: $280)


Item Today's Price
52mm CIR-PL HD Nano $87 (List Price: $174)
55mm CIR-PL HD Nano $92.5 (List Price: $185)
58mm CIR-PL HD Nano $105 (List Price: $210)
62mm CIR-PL HD Nano $112 (List Price: $224)
67mm CIR-PL HD Nano $124 (List Price: $248)
72mm CIR-PL HD Nano $149.50 (List Price: $299)
77mm CIR-PL HD Nano $155 (List Price: $310)
82mm CIR-PL HD Nano $180 (List Price: $360)



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