FUJIFILM X100V (Silver)

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Product Highlights

  • New evolution of the X100 Series, the origin of premium compact digital cameras
  • Sophisticated design that exudes functional beauty
  • Newly-developed high-performance lens for premium image quality
  • World's only viewfinder that switches between optical and electronic options, in pursuit of the "shooting through the viewfinder' photography style
  • Various optional accessories for expanding photographic enjoyment
$2,148.00 (inc GST)
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  • 1pc SD 16GB Card
  • 1pc FUJIFILM NP-W126S Battery*
  • 1pc Photo Printing Voucher*
  • 1pc Lens Loan Voucher*
  • 1pc SD 32GB C-10 Card*
  • 1pc Hot Shoe Cover*
  • 1pc Manfrotto C1 Shoulder Bag*
  • X-Photographer Workshop*

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See. Frame. Create.

Simple actions that lead to making everyday moments remarkable. Rediscover photography in a new and exciting way with the one and only X100V.


Elegant Design

The X100V’s timeless body has top and bottom plates milled from single pieces of aluminum, which results in a refined and classic camera body with clean, attractive edges. Finished with a beautiful satin coating, the X100V is a perfect combination of design and engineering that is sure to make photographers of any level joyful as they make their images.


New Lens to Get the Most Out of any Image

X100V features a new 23mmF2.0 lens to ensure that every detail from its X-Trans CMOS 4 Sensor is resolved beautifully. The lens has been enhanced for better resolution, lower distortion and improved close focus performance. However, it still maintains the same overall size and compatibility with legacy WCL/TCL lens attachments, which gives image-makers additional angle of views equivalent to 28mm and 50mm on 35mm Format.


Protected from the Elements

Weather resistance appears for the first time in the X100 Series when the optional AR-X100 adapter ring and the PRF-49 protection filter are used in conjunction with the X100V’s brand new lens. Continue making images in challenging weather conditions and have peace of mind when nature takes an unexpected turn.


Classic and Intuitive Controls

The analog inspired controls of the X100 Series are one of its most defining characteristics. The use of dials for exposure compensation and shutter speed provide a purely tactile experience and contribute considerably to making the image making process an immersive and enjoyable experience.


See the World Differently

X100V has a vastly improved hybrid viewfinder which enables image-makers to quickly and easily choose between the 0.52x magnification optical viewfinder (OVF) or the 3.69M dot OLED electronic viewfinder. Offering 95% frame coverage, the OVF provides parallax-correcting frame lines to give an uninterrupted view of the world as it is, while the camera’s EVF delivers a real-time representation of the image as it is being made.


When Moments Matter Most

At the heart of X100V is the state-of-the-art X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor and X-Processor 4 combination. This exceptional 26.1MP sensor uses a back-illuminated design to maximize quality and dynamic range, while its unique color filter array controls moiré and false color without the need for an optical low pass filter.

Such outstanding imaging capability is complemented by the quad-core X-Processor 4. This powerful CPU not only ensures images are quickly and smoothly processed, but thanks to a new algorithm, boosts AF performance with precision face and eye detection right down to -5EV.


Great Low-Light Performance

The quad-core X-Processor 4 is the X100V's powerful CPU that ensures images are quickly and smoothly processed. It also assists in boosting AF performance through a newly developed focusing algorithm. This allows the X100V to operate as low as -5EV, which allows for focus to be achieved easily and quickly in low-light conditions, so images can be made during any moment.


Enhanced Face and Eye Detection

Phase detection autofocus pixels are placed across the image sensor, and combined with X-Processor 4 and a new algorithm, to provide enhanced tracking functionality and precision face and eye detection. This dramatically improves AF performance on people moving within the frame and those that are facing sideways.


Set the Distance for Faster AF Speed

The Focus Limiter Function can be used to set the lens to a specific range of distances to allow for faster AF performance. This is particularly useful when the approximate distance to the subject is consistent and high-performance AF is needed.


A Legacy in Color Science

Fujifilm’s heritage in color science has given it legendary status among image-makers across the world. During its 85 years in the industry, Fujifilm has been responsible for some of the most iconic photographic films in history and this exceptional knowledge has been poured into its collection of 17 digital Film Simulations. This cutting-edge technology allows photographers to achieve stunning results straight out of camera.

Apply the look from classic flims, such as PROVIA, Velvia, Astia, ACROS and Eterna, which are loved around the world, or use the new Classic Negative to rekindle a new sense of creativity.


Color Chrome Effect / Color Chrome Blue

Color Chrome Effect adds additiional contrast and saturation to colors in an image, while Color Chrome Blue applies the same effects, but to just the color blue.


Grain Effect

Natural film grain can be added to any image as an easy way of creating a “film-look” in -camera. This can be combined with the diverse range of Film Simulations to add texture individuality to any image.


Multiple Exposure

Layer up to 9 images in Additive, Average, Comparative Bright or Comparative Dark modes to combine multiple perspectives or different points in time. Various settings, including Film Simulations, can be applied to each exposure to produce a unique creative expression completely in-camera.


High-Resolution Video Recording

X100V offers the ability to record 4K video up to 30 frames per second or capture 120 frames per second at 1080p to create super slow motion effects. Filmmakers needing extreme color fidelity can record 10-bit, 4:2:2 color externally via the HDMI port and leverage Fujifilm’s advanced color reproduction technology, to apply Film Simulations, like Eterna, to their video footage.

Additionally, image makers can also incorporate numerous shooting functions, such as “Monochromatic Color” to extend their creative visions directly to the footage being recorded.


Battery Life

The standard number of images that can be made per charge has significantly improved from previous generations. The battery now lasts up to approximately 350 frames per charge when using the EVF or approximately 420 frames per charge when using the OVF.

Battery Life for Still Images 

Approx. 350 frames (when using EVF, Normal Mode)

Approx. 420 frames (when using OVF, Normal Mode)

Continuance Battery Life of Movie Capture 

[4K] Approx. 55 minutes (29.97p)

[FullHD] Approx. 75 minutes (59.94p)



The camera is equipped with an USB Type-C port and handles everything from charging to data transfer.

What's in the box?

  • 1 x FUJIFILM X100V
  • 1 x NP-W126S Battery
  • 1 x USB Cable (Type A to C)
  • 1 x Lens Cap
  • 1 x Hot-Shoe Cover
  • 1 x Metal Strap Clip
  • 1 x Clip Attaching Tool
  • 1 x Protective Cover
  • 1 x Shoulder Strap
  • Model
  • Number Of Effective Pixels
  • 26.1 millions pixels
  • Image Sensor
  • 23.5mm×15.6mm (APS-C) X-Trans CMOS 4 with primary color filter.

  • Storage Media
  • SD memory card (~2GB) /
    SDHC memory card (~32GB) /
    SDXC memory card (~512GB) UHS-I*1

  • File Format Of Still Image
  • Compliant with Design rule for Camera File system (DCF2.0)
    JPEG: Exif Ver 2.3*2,
    RAW: 14bit RAW (RAF original format) / RAW+JPEG

  • Number Of Recorded Pixels
  • L: <3:2> 6240×4160 / <16:9> 6240×3512 / <1:1> 4160×4160
    M: <3:2> 4416×2944 / <16:9> 4416×2488 / <1:1> 2944×2944
    S: <3:2> 3120×2080 / <16:9> 3120×1760 / <1:1> 2080×2080

    L: 2160 x 9600 [Horizontal : 9600 x 1440]
    M: 2160 x 6400 [Horizontal : 6400 x 1440]

  • Sensitivity
  • Standard Output
    AUTO1 / AUTO2 / AUTO3 / ISO160~12800 (1/3EV step)

    Extended Output
    ISO80 / 100 / 125 / 25600 / 51200

  • Exposure
  • Exposure control
    TTL 256-zone metering, Multi / Spot / Average/ Center Weighted

    Exposure mode
    P (Program AE) / A (Aperture Priority AE) / S (Shutter Speed Priority AE) / M (Manual Exposure)

    Exposure compensation
    -5.0EV~+5.0EV 1/3EV step
    (Movie: -2.0EV~+2.0EV)

  • Shutter
  • Shutter type
    Lens Shutter

    Shutter speed

    Mechanical Shutter

    P mode: 4sec. to 1/4000sec.
    A mode: 30sec. to 1/4000sec.
    S/M mode: 15min. to 1/4000sec.
    Bulb mode: up to 60min.

    Electronic Shutter*3
    P mode: 4sec. to 1/32000sec.
    A mode: 30sec. to 1/32000sec.
    S/M mode: 15min. to 1/32000sec.
    Bulb mode: 1sec. Fixed

    Mechanical + Electronic Shutter
    P mode: 4sec. to 1/32000sec.
    A mode: 30sec. to 1/32000sec.
    S/M mode: 15min. to 1/32000sec.
    Bulb mode: up to 60min.

  • Continuous Shooting
  • Approx. 11fps (JPEG: 38 frames, Lossless compression RAW: 17 frames, Uncompressed RAW: 17 frames)
    Approx. 8.0fps (JPEG: 76 frames, Lossless compression RAW: 18 frames, Uncompressed RAW: 18 frames)
    Approx. 6.0fps (JPEG: 220 frames, Lossless compression RAW: 21 frames, Uncompressed RAW: 18 frames)
    Approx. 5.0fps (JPEG: 458 frames, Lossless compression RAW: 24 frames, Uncompressed RAW: 19 frames)
    Approx. 4.0fps (JPEG: endless, Lossless compression RAW: 28 frames, Uncompressed RAW: 20 frames)
    Approx. 3.0fps (JPEG: endless, Lossless compression RAW: 34 frames, Uncompressed RAW: 21 frames)
    Approx. 30fps [Only electronic shutter, 1.25 x Crop] (JPEG: 29 frames, Lossless compression RAW: 17 frames, Uncompressed RAW: 17 frames)
    Approx. 20fps [Only electronic shutter, 1.25 x Crop ] (JPEG: 79 frames, Lossless compression RAW: 17 frames, Uncompressed RAW: 17 frames)
    Approx. 20fps [Only electronic shutter] (JPEG: 32 frames, Lossless compression RAW: 17 frames, Uncompressed RAW: 17 frames)
    Approx. 10fps [Only electronic shutter, 1.25 x Crop] (JPEG: 153 frames, Lossless compression RAW: 18 frames, Uncompressed RAW: 18 frames)
    Approx. 10fps [Only electronic shutter] (JPEG: 81 frames, Lossless compression RAW: 18 frames, Uncompressed RAW: 18 frames)
    Approx. 8.0fps [Only electronic shutter, 1.25 x Crop] (JPEG: 90 frames, Lossless compression RAW: 18 frames, Uncompressed RAW: 18 frames)

    *Recordable frames depends on recording media
    *Speed of continuous shooting depends on shooting environment and shooting frames

  • Self Timer
  • 10sec. / 2sec.
  • Auto Bracketing
  • AE Bracketing (Frames: 2, 3, 5, 7, 9 Step: by 1/3EV step, up to ±3EV steps)
    Filmsimulation bracketing (Any 3 types of film simulation selectable)
    Dynamic Range Bracketing (100%, 200%, 400%)
    ISO sensitivity Bracketing (±1/3EV, ±2/3EV, ±1EV)
    White Balance Bracketing (±1, ±2, ±3)
    Focus Bracketing (AUTO, MANUAL)

  • White Balance Editors
  • Automatic Scene recognition / Custom1~3 / Color temperature selection (2500K~10000K) /
    Preset: Daylight, Shade,
    Fluorescent light (Daylight), Fluorescent light (Warm White), Fluorescent light (Cool White), Incandescent light,

  • Interval Timer Shooting
  • Yes (Setting: Interval, Number of shots, Starting time)
  • Lens
  • Type     
    FUJINON single focal length lens

    Focal length      
    f=23mm (35mm format equivalent : 35mm)

    Focus range
    Approx. 10cm to infinity / 3.9in. to infinity

    F2 - F16 1/3EV step (controlled with 9-blade aperture diaphragm)

    Max. aperture  

    Lens configuration         
    8 elements in 6 groups (includes 2 aspherical elements)

    Conversion lens

    Digital Tele-Converter
    35mm*(Nomal), 50mm*, 70mm* *35mm fomat equivalent

    ND filter             
    Yes (4 stops)

  • Focus
  • Mode   
    Single AF / Continuous AF / MF

    Intelligent Hybrid AF (TTL contrast AF / TTL phase detection AF)

    Low-light Performance 
    Contrast: -2.0EV
    Phase Detection: -5.0EV

    AF frame selection         
    Single point AF: EVF / LCD: 13×9 / 25×17 (Changeable size of AF frame)
    Zone AF: 3×3 / 5×5 / 7×7 from 117 areas on 13×9 grid
    Wide/Tracking AF: (up to 18 area) *AF-S: Wide / AF-C: Tracking

  • Flash Modes
  • Flash
    Auto flash [Super Intelligent Flash]
    Effective range: (ISO 1600) approx. 30cm - 7.4m/1.0ft. - 24.3ft.
    Guide Number: approx. 4.4 (ISO100・m)

    TTL MODE (Flash Auto, Standard, Slow Sync.), Manual, Commander, OFF

    Sync. Mode
    1st Curtain, 2nd Curtain

    Red eye removal

  • Hotshoe
  • Yes (Dedicated TTL Flash compatible)
  • Viewfinder
  • OVF      
    Reverse Galilean viewfinder with electronic bright frame display
    Coverage of frame area v.s. capturing area: approx. 95%
    Magnifications approx x0.52

    0.5 inch approx. 3.69 millions dots OLED Color Viewfinder (4:3)
    Coverage of viewing area vs. capturing area: approx. 100%
    Eyepoint: approx. 16.8mm (from the eyepiece lens), Diopter adjustment: -4~+2m-1
    Magnification: 0.66× with 50mm lens (35mm equivalent) at infinity and diopter set to -1m-1
    Diagonal angle of view: approx. 32° (Horizontal angle of view: approx. 27°)
    Built-in eye sensor

  • Lcd Monitor
  • 3.0 inch, aspect ratio 3:2
    approx.1.62 millions dots tilting touch screen color LCD monitor(approx. 100% coverage)

  • Recording Movie
  • File format / File size / Frame rate / Recording time       
    Format: MOV, Compression: MPEG-4 AVC/H.264
    Audio: Linear PCM / Stereo sound 2ch / 24bit / 48KHz sampling
    [DCI 4K (4096×2160)] 29.97p/25p/24p/23.98p, 200Mbps/100Mbps, up to approx. 10min
    [4K (3840×2160)] 29.97p/25p/24p/23.98p, 200Mbps/100Mbps, up to approx. 10min
    [Full HD (2048×1080)] 59.94p/50p/29.97p/25p/24p/23.98p, 200Mbps/100Mbps/50Mbps, up to approx. 15min.
    [Full HD (1920×1080)] 59.94p/50p/29.97p/25p/24p/23.98p, 200Mbps/100Mbps/50Mbps, up to approx. 15min.
    [Full HD (1920×1080) High speed rec.] 120p/100p, 200Mbps(recording), up to approx. 6min.


    *For recording movies, use a SD memory card with UHS Speed Class 3 or higher.
    *Although movie recording will continue without interruption when the file size reaches 4GB, subsequent              

  • Film Simulation Mode
  • 17 modes (PROVIA/Standard, Velvia/Vivid, ASTIA/Soft, Classic Chrome, PRO Neg.Hi, PRO Neg.Std, Black & White,
    Black & White+Ye Filter, Black & White+R Filter, Black & White+G Filter, Sepia, ACROS, ACROS+Ye Filter, ACROS+R Filter, ACROS+G Filter, ETERNA/Cinema, Classic Neg)
    Monochromatic Color

  • Clarity Setting
  • ±5 steps
  • Hdr Mode
  • AUTO, 200%, 400%, 800%, PLUS
  • Grain Effect
  • Roughness: STRONG, WEAK, OFF / Size: LARGE, SMALL
  • Color Chrome Effect
  • Color Chrome Blue
  • Dynamic Range Setting
  • Still: AUTO, 100%, 200%, 400%
    ISO restriction (DR100%: No limit, DR200%: ISO320 or more, DR400%: ISO640 or more)
    Movie: 100%, 200%, 400%
    ISO restriction (DR100%: No limit, DR200%: ISO320 or more, DR400%: ISO640 or more)

  • Advanced Filter
  • Toy camera, Miniature, Pop color, High-key, Low-key, Dynamic tone, Soft focus,Partial color (Red / Orange / Yellow / Green / Blue / Purple)
  • Wireless Transmitter
  • Standard
    IEEE802.11b/g/n (standard wireless protocol)

    WEP / WPA / WPA2 mixed mode

    Access mode

  • Bluetooth
  • Standard
    Bluetooth Ver 4.2 (Bluetooth low energy)

    Operating frequency
    (Center frequency)

    2402 - 2480MHz

  • Terminal
  • Digital interface
    USB Type-C (USB3.1 Gen1)

    HDMI output
    HDMI Micro connector (Type D)

    Microphone / shutter release input: ø2.5mm

  • Power Supply
  • NP-W126S Li-ion battery (included)

    Battery life for still images*4
    Approx. 350 / 420 frames (EVF / OVF Normal Mode)

    Actual battery life of movie capture*4
    ※Face detection is set to OFF
    [4K] approx. 45min. (29.97p)
    [Full HD] approx. 50min. (59.94p)

    Continuance battery life of movie capture*4
    ※Face detection is set to OFF
    [4K] approx. 55min. (29.97p)
    [Full HD] approx. 75min. (59.94p)

  • Starting Up Period
  • Approx. 0.5sec.
  • Operation Environment
  • Operating Temperature
    0°C~+40°C / 32°F~104°F

    Operating Humidity
    10%~80% (no condensation)

  • Dimensions
  • (W) 128.0mm × (H) 74.8mm × (D) 53.3mm / (W) 5.04in × (H) 2.94in × (D) 2.10in (minimum depth 32.7mm/1.29in)
  • Weight
  • Approx. 478g / 16.9oz (including battery and SD memory card)
    Approx. 428g / 15.1oz (excluding battery and SD memory card)

  • Accessories Included
  • Li-ion battery
    USB cable (type A to C)
    Lens cap
    Hot shoe cover
    Metal strap clip
    Clip attaching tool
    Protective cover
    Shoulder strap
    Owner's manual

  • Footnotes
  • *1 Please see the Fujifilm website to check SD memory card compatibility.
    *2 Exif 2.3 is a digital camera file format that contains a variety of shooting information for optimal printing.
    *3 The Electronic Shutter may not be suitable for fast-moving objects. Flash can not be used.
    *4 Approximate number of frames or movie recording time that can be taken with a fully-charged based on CIPA Standard.

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