FalconEyes RX-18TDX (II) 2nd Generation of Roll-Flex LED light kit


Product Highlights

  • 45 x 60cm / 100W / Bi-color / DMX / Waterproof IPX8
  • 504 LEDs
  • Color Temperature 3000K-5600K
  • Rollable, flexible and easy to carry

$879.00 (inc GST)

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2 x Light Stand

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The new 2nd generation of ROLLFLEX (II) is updated with a waterproof flex panel, the RX-18TDX (II) is officially certified for IPX8 waterproof rating, and was tested under water depth of 30 meters with 30mins of time. The ROLLFLEX (II) control box is built with the new bi-color DMX system and added with scene effect mode.

The ROLLFLEX (II) LED flex light is developed with the latest SMD LED technology to perform roll-able and flexible movement through slim panel housing. It is handy lightweight and easy to carry around which is great to use as both outdoor & indoor light source. The ROLLFLEX (II) comes in different sizes, power output, and bi-color setting, as well as DMX control systems and scene effect mode, to aim for different types of film production.

The ROLLFLEX (II) version is implanted with DMX feature, with the new mini XLR DMX input and output ports, it can be connected to the DMX console to perform wide range of lighting effect. It is also compatible with the RC-5B controller for 2.4GHz remote control.

Every ROLLFLEX (II) will come with a X-bracket, so you can mount the ROLLFLEX (II) on a light stand in order to use as a LED panel. The light modifiers as softbox and velcro can be purchased optional. Extension cables and a choice of connection accessories are available to order upon your preferences. Most of the ROLLFLEX (II) models are compatible with both AC and DC power to suit for both on location and studio production.

ROLLFLEX (II) added 9 different scene effects: Lightning 1, Lightning 2, TV Screen, Candle, Paparazzi, Strobe, High/Low Beam, Double Flash (Hazard), Warm Breathing

What's in the box?

  • 2 x RX-18TDX (ll) LED Light set

  • 2 x RX-18OB ll Diffusor Dome

  • 2 x RX-18SBHS ll Softbox with Honeycomb

  • 1 x BGE-6.6 Kit Case

  • Tripod Connector
  • Power


    No. of LED (SMD)

    504 pcs

    Operating Voltage

    DC-16.8V 7A (compatible with V-mount battery) / AC adaptor (included)

    Color Temperature

    3000K - 5600K (step-less)


    0-100% Step-less dimming

    Beam Angle




    LUX (5600K)

    9920 (0.5m) / 3660 (1m) / 933 (m)


    Yes / IPX8 Rating (30m depth @ 30 mintues)

    Diffusor Dome

    RX-18OB included

  • Dimensions
  • 45 x 60cm

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