Westcott Pocket Box Speedlite Softbox Kit with Educational DVD

SKU: WES 268
$92.00 (inc GST)


Compact Flash Modifiers

This unique flash modification kit includes 3 ultra-compact Pocket Box softboxes and a sleek travel case. This is a must-have kit for any new photographer looking to perfect their art and harness the power of their speedlites.

A Modifier to Fit Your Needs

Compact Speedlite Softboxes

Ultra-compact Pocket Box flash softboxes mount to virtually any off-camera or on-camera flash. These tiny modifiers quickly attach around the front of your speedlite. And when you're done shooting, they collapse instantly and can be placed in your bag, purse or pocket.


Create Beautiful Lighting

Each Pocket Box softens and expands your flash's harsh output for flattering, evenly-lit portraits. These mini-softboxes are fantastic solutions for balancing sunlight when shooting outdoors or near window light, giving you the ability to quickly and easily fill in unwanted shadows.

Eliminate Unflattering Red Eye

Pocket Box softboxes eliminate red eye in portraits by diffusing harsh flash, giving you the ability to capture professional-quality images without a ton of editing.

Quick and Secure Mounting

With soft interior grip panels and flexible elastic straps, these modifiers stay securely attached around the front of your speedlite throughout long photo shoots. Pocket Box softboxes feature flexible and lightweight wire framework, allowing them to hold their shape.

Maximize and Soften Your Flash

Each Pocket Box is designed with a reflective silver interior that maximizes the light output of your speedlite. These modifiers also feature a removable 1-stop inner-diffusion baffle.

  • Color
  • Black/White
  • Length
  • 15.5" / 39.4 cm
  • Width
  • 10.5" / 26.7 cm
  • Height Cm
  • 1.5" / 3.8 cm
  • Materials
  • Double Laminated Fabric

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